Campus Allies

Below you will find an alphabetical list of those members of the campus community who have been Safe Space trained on or after August 26th, 2011. A list of previously trained campus members is forthcoming. If your name appears on this list in error, or you feel you should be a part of this list, please contact us at

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Judy Abbott
Administrative Coordinator, Distance Learning Center

Kathy Alday
Director, Student Life

Christopher W. Alexander
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Sohyun An
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Bernard Anderson
Associate University Ombuds

Lenolia Anderson
Admisitrative Assistant, Nursing

Raeda Anderson
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology & Criminal Justice

Karen Andrews
Director, Career Services

Eli Arnold
Information Commons Librarian & Assistant Professor of Library Science, Horace W Sturgis Library 

Ana Baida
Assistant Director, Career Services

Ashley Bailey
Budget Manager, Museum of History and Holocaust Education

Eniko Baranyi
Odyssey Peer Mentor Coordinator, Student Development

Judy Barnes
Office Manager, Orientation

Angela "Chris" Beam
Administrative Associate, College of Continuing and Professional Education

Christi Beavers
Coordinator, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Paula Bechtler
Admin. Assoc. II, Diversity and Inclusion / Ombuds

Julie Becker
Administrative Associate, School of Music

Cheryl Betts
Program Coordinator, Student Development

Amy Bowes
Education Abroad Advisor, International Global Initiatives

Rhyll Brinsmead
Head Women's Golf Coach

Sharon Brownlow
Assistant Director, Parent and Family Programs

Dominic Bruno
Operations Coordinator, Bailey Performance Center

Amy Buddie
Associate Director for Graduate Student Support and Undergraduate Research / Creative Activity, CETL

Patti Bullock
Associate Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Julie Burns
Disease Intervention Supervisor, Health Assessment

Steve Burton
Arts Librarian, COTA

Jared Campanella
Residence Director, Residence Life 

Jane Campbell
Associate Dean, Office for Undergraduate Business Programs

Gail Carlson
Admin. Assoc. II, Siegel Institute

Tabitha Robin Casey
Psychologist, Counseling Center & Behavioral Response Program

Marion Chapman
Counselor / Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services

Carol Chrestensen
Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Yesy Combs
Associate Athletic Trainer

Jim Cope
Chair, EECE

Krysta Cosper
Residence Director, Residence Life

Judy Craven
Assistant Director, Center for Student Leadership

Renata Creekmur
Lecturer, Foreign Languages

Martha L. Henry Croom
Assistant Director for Access Services & Associate Professor of Library Science, Horace W. Sturgis Library 

Ellen Cross
Faculty, Management and Entrepreneurship

Sandy Cutright
Communicable Disease Specialist, Cobb and Douglas County Public Health

Steven Damron
Residence Director, Residence Life

Marcus Davis
Assistant Professor, Biology & Physics

Deidra Dennie
Director, EEO

Lee Digiovanni
Associate Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Michele DiPietro
Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Emily Dolezal
Education Abroad Advisor, International Global Initiatives

Stephen Dominy
Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Life

Kim Dooley
Assistant Director, CEPP

Charlotte Doolin
Executive Assistant to the Director of Athletics

Michael Dutcher
Experiential Education Associate, Career Services

Jessica Duvall
Program Coordinator, GLBTIQ Student Retention Services 

Edward Eanes
Associate Professor of Musicology

Katie Egloff
Assistant Athletic Director, Events & Championships 

Ashley Eye
Alumni, Dept. of Health and Human Services

Terry L. Faust
Counselor / Substance Specialist, Counseling and Psychological Services

Jillian Ford
Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education, Secondary and Middle Grades

Cindy Foster
Business Manager, Student Development

Cody Fry
Residence Director, Residence Life 

Katie Fusco
Experiential Education Associate, Career Services

Julie Garrett
Adjunct Faculty, English

Sarah Gill
Club Sports Athletic Trainer, Sports and Recreation

Michael Goodwin
Academic Integrity Coordinator, SCAI

Alex Goran
Residence Director, Residence Life

Maryse Gordon
Administrative Associate, Social Work and Human Services

Sherry Grable
Director, Center for Health Promotion and Wellness 

Krystal Grau
Residence Director

Joseph Greenway
Technical Director, Bailey Performance Center

Andre Griggs
LPC, Counseling and Psychological Services

Luc Guglielmi
Professor of French

Josh Gunn
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

TJ Greggs
Head Coach, Men's Tennis

Diana Gregory
Associate Professor, Art Education and Visual Arts

Rachel Greil
Senior Lecturer of English, Assistant Director, KSU Writing Center

Tamara Grooms
Director of Finance / HR, College of Continuing and Professional Education

Lynne D. Hagan
Learning Specialist, DSSS

Stephanie Hahn
Administrative Support, Student Athlete Success Services

Richard Harker
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Museums, Archives, and Rare Books

Matthew Harper
Art Collection Manager, Museums, Archives, and Rare Books

Jeffrey Helms
Associate Professor, Psychology

Carole Hill
Case Manager, SCAI

Eldrige Holloway
Adjunct Professor, Communication

Jasmin Horne
Student, Sociology

Kristin Hoyt
Assistant Professor, French and Foreign Language Education

Cherilyn Hultquist
Assistant Professor, Health, Phys. Ed., and Sport Science

Josh Hunt
Co-manager / Instructor, Center for Student Leadership, First-Year Programs

Amber Hutchins
Assistant Professor, Communication

Amy Johnson
Counselor, Coordinator of the Educational Programming, Counseling and Psychological Services

Linda M. Johnston
Executive Director, Siegel Institute

Teresa Johnston
Director, Center for Young Adult Addiction (Student Success Services)

Ashley C. Jones
Experiential Education, Career Services

Teresa Joyce
Associate Provost

Dimitrios Kasarhis
Operations Assistant, Athletics

Lauren Katovsky
Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing

Susanne Kelley
Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages

Steve King
Assistant Professor, Social Work and Human Services

Kendall Klym
Temporary Assistant Professor of English

Robin Knight
Recruiting Coordinator, Career Services

Marina C. Koether
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

McCree Lake
Associate Director, Information Technology Services

Liz Lang
Assistant Coordinator, Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

Michael Lankford
Business Profess Analyst, Human Resources

Brian LeDuc
Manager for Leadership Programs, Center for Student Leadership
Adjunct Faculty of Education, First-Year Programs

Catherine Lewis
Executive Director, Museums, Archives, and Rare Books
Director, Museum of History and Holocaust Education
Professor of History

Kalynn Littleton
Student, Coles College of Business / Student Assistant, Career Services

Amanda Gazaway Long
Experiential Education Coordinator, Career Services

Linda Lyons
Interim Chief Diversity Officer

Adeyemi Makanjuola
Administrative Specialist II, International Student Retention Services

Robyn Maynard
Social Justice Lecturer, First Year Programs

Bridgette McArthur
Assistant Director, New Student Orientation

Padraic McMeel
Associate AD for Development, Athletics

Laura McMillan
Associate Director of Compliance, Auxiliary Services and Programs

Joseph D. Meeks
Dean, College of the Arts

Jennifer Messer
Reservation Coordinator, Student Life

Jo Ann Milholen
Marketing Manager, Auxiliary Services and Programs

Leslie Holmes Miner
Lecturer, WHHS

Jonathon Modica
Student, Center for Student Leadership

Pat Moore
AOD Coordinator, Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

Jennifer R. Morales
Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Patricia Mosier
Museum Manager, Museums, Archives, and Rare Books

Tao Bartleson Mosley
Social Worker, Health Clinic

Tarrance B. Mosley
Alumni Career Advisor

April Munson
Assistant Professor, Art Education

Sasha Nolan
IT Systems Support Professional V, ITS

Rob Nolen
Culinary Services Manager

Rebecca Nolin
Assistant Womens Soccer Coach, Athletics

Scott Nowak
Assistant Professor, Biology and Physics

Catherine Odera
Assistant Director, Student Development

Mary Lou Odom
Associate Professor of English, Director, KSU Writing Center

George Olney
Assistant AD for External Affairs, Athletics

Laura Overstreet
Adjunct Faculty, Social Work & Human Services

Nita A. Paris
Professor, Educational Psychology & Secondary and Middle Grades Ed.

Paul Parker
Senior Director for Compliance and Certification

Ardith Peters
Associate Professor, Social Work and Human Services

Sabrina Petusevsky
Peer Health Educator Coordinator, Center for Health Promotion and Wellness

Karen Pfeifer
Associate Athletic Director

Nicole Phillips
Associate Director, Student Development
Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Retention Services

Ashlee Pickett
Intern, Counseling and Psychological Services

Mark Pilgrim
Orientation Programs Coordinator

Heather Pincock
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Jessica Pniewski
Residence Director, Residence Life

Diana Poore
Bagwell College of Education

Tamara Powell
CHSS Director of Distance Education

R. Todd Powell
Assistant Director, Adult Learner Programs

Veronica Jones Prater
Manager, Lifelong Learning Center 

Harry Price
Director, School of Music

Nancy Prochaska
Associate Professor, Management

Quaneecia Rainey
Coordinator of Outreach, Counseling and Psychological Services

Emily Ramirez
Coordinator, Women's Resource & Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center

Adriane B. Randolph
Assistant Professor, Information Systems / Director, KSU BrainLab

Natalie Reckard
Area Coordinator, Residence Life

Amy Redd
Testing Coordinator, disAbled Student Support Services

Dorothy W. Rhodes
Communicable Disease Specialist, Health Assessment, Cobb and Douglas County Public Health

Nick Rice
Student, Department of History

Amanda Richey
Assistant Professor, INED

Susan Ristau
Licensed Professional Counselor

Scott Ritchie
Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy Education

David Roberts
Student, Department of Education

Daniel Rogers
Associate Professor, Psychology

Amanda Rollason
Academic Advisor, College of Science & Mathematics Advising Center

Felice Russell
Assistant Professor, Inclusive Education

Erin Ryan
Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair, Communication

Nancy Sanders
Tuition Classification Officer, Business Services

Michael Sanseviro
Dean of Student Success

Rian Satterwhite
Lecturer / Assistant Director, University Studies / Center for Student Leadership

Maggie Scott
Administrative Specialist, Education Abroad

Chris Sharpe
Assistant Professor Librarian, Library

Elisabeth Shields
Graduate Librarian, Library

Kathryn Siggelko
Administrative Associate, Health Clinic

Deborah Smith
Grants and Contracts Specialist, Dean's Office - CHSS

Gabrielle Smith
HR Specialist, Human Resources

Laila Smith
Co-manager, First Year LINK Experience

Susan Kirkpatrick Smith
Chair and Associate Professor, Georgraphy and Anthropology

Tharcila Smith
MSW Intern, Counseling and Psychological Services

Jean So
Assistant Director, Orientation and Transistion Programs 

Rita Spisak

Timothy J. Ste. Marie
Marketing Director, Kennesaw State University Press

Christy Storey
Associate Director, Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research

Lynn Stallings
Interim Associate Dean for the Bagwell College of Education / Graduate Studies

James Stinchcomb
Administrative Associate, Social Work & Human Services

Randy Stuart
Assistant Professor of Marketing & Professional Sales, Coles College of Business

Elizabeth Sustar
Production Manager, Bailey Performance Center

Abbey Swanson
Counselor, Intern, Counseling & Psychological Services

Melissa Tarrant
Director, CHSS Undergraduate Advising Center

Eileen Taylor
Student, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Noelle Thomas

David Thompson
Learning Communities Director, First Year Programs

Zoila Torres
Graphic Designer, Museums, Archives, and Rare Books

Lori Trahan
Assistant Director, Career Services

Anete Vasquez
Assistant Professor, Secondary & Middle Grades Ed. / Director, CEPP

Anissa Vega
Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology

Jeremy Walts
System Administrator, AVTS

Birgit Wassmuth
Chair and Professor, Communication

Mary-Elizabeth Watson
Gallery Manager, Art Museum

Lauren Way
Residence Director, Residence Life

Theresa L. Welles
Counselor, Counseling and Psychological Services

Emily Rowland Wells
Manager / Supervisor, Student Development / MSRS

Jen Wells
Director of Assessment, Student Success

Drew Wendel
Student, Psychology

Nyzinga West
Associate Office Manager

Amy Westergren-Amlicke
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Kenneth White
Assistant Professor, Political Science & IA

Jennifer Willard
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Jacqueline Winters-Allen
Administrative Associate II, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nitra Wisdom
Administrative Associate II, Interdisciplinary Studies

Johnny Woods
Librarian, Distance Education