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Phenomenal Women's Conference
HISTORY of the Phenomenal Women's Conference

March 22, 2013
13th Annual Phenomenal Women's Conference
Partner, Inspire, Change! New Paths in Women's Leadership

Keynote Speakers

  • Linda Anderson, Georgia Folk Artist and Memory Painter
  • Elizabeth Hackett, Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Philosophy, Chair of the Women's Studies Program, and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Agnes Scott College

Concurrent Session I:

  • Tammy Hill, Personal Trainer - "The Best You! Energize Your Day and Boost Productivity"
  • Beth Hermes, Author - "Up Is Not the Only Way Forward"
  • Erin Wolf, Managng Partner, Suite Track - "Language, Communication and Influence"
  • Lynn Anderson, Chief Talent Partner, The Mentis Movement - "Leaders in Pearls: Using Positive Energy to Affect Change"

Concurrent Session II:

  • Katie McMahon, Future Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay - "Unleash the Power of "I CAN"
  • Darcy Eikenberg, Founder, Red Cape Revolution - "Mastering the Art of Bragging: What Today's Leaders and Other Humble Professionals Need to Know"
  • Kathy Schwaig, Dean, KSU Coles College of Business - "Business Women as Change Agents in the Community"
  • Erik Malewski, KSU Chief Diversity Officer - "Gendered Leadership Visions: What We Know About Women in the Academy"

Panel Discussion

  • "MissRepresentation: An Intergenerational Conversation Exploring Mainstream Media's Dominant Messages About Women" Panelists: Elizabeth Hackett, Agnes Scott; Whitney Peoples, Emory University; Gina Perleoni, Kennesaw State University; Patricia Harris, The Edge Connection; and Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Kennesaw State University

Phenomenal Woman Awardee: Dr. Taunya A. Lowe, CEO Resurgent Group

March 23, 2012
12th Annual Phenomenal Women's Conference
Create, Innovate and Collaborate: New Paths in Women's Leadership

Keynote Speakers

  • Maria Britt, Former Commanding General of the Georgia Army National Guard and KSU Associate Vice President for Operations
  • Haley Kilpatrick, Founder and Executive Director of Girl Talk and author of The Drama Years
  • Deborah J. Richardson, Executive Vice President of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Concurrent Session I:

  • Johnnetta McSwain - "Keeping It Real"
  • Daniel Niederjohn - "Choosing a Partner Who Support Your Work Life"
  • Diane Clinton - "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life"
  • Patricia Harris - "Innovative Entrepreneurship: Vision, Value, and Passion"
  • Bonnie Buckner Reavis - "Women's Ways of Leading"
  • Lynn Anderson and Connie Duffey - "Keys to Your Success: Your WOW -- Building a 360 Personal Brand (Online & Off)"

Concurrent Session II:

  • Kirk Bogue - "Three Essential Steps in Incrasing Lifestyle Peace and Freedom"
  • Betty Siegel - "The Three Acts of Life and Transitional Phases"
  • Christopher Burell - "Everyone Communicates, Few Connect"
  • Peggy Parks - "Rediscovering Civility, Respect, Restraint and Responsibility"
  • Shauna Carmichael - "A Women's Guide to Negotiating Successfully"
  • Stephanie Davis - "What It Takes to be Politically Active"

Phenomenal Woman Awardee: Patsy Driver

April 8, 2011
11th Annual Phenomenal Women's Conference
Women Leading in the New Millennium

Keynote Speakers:

  • Carol Hunstein, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Jacqueline Welch, SVP, Human Resources, Turner Broadcasting Inc.

Concurrent Session I:

  • Linda M. Johnston - "Conflict Management and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace"
  • Johnnetta McSwain - "12 Step Self Awareness Model"

Concurrent Session II:

  • Patricia Harris - "Women Leaders Making a Difference"
  • Karen Weatherington - "Sports as a Vehicle for Developing Young Women Leaders"
  • Betty Siegel - "Developing Leaders in the International Arena"

Phenomenal Woman Awardee: Kimberly Gresh

April 16, 2010
10th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Women Leading in Challenging Times

Keynote Speakers:

  • Shirley Garrett
  • Amy Whitley - "Personal Drive, Professional Goals: Where Driving a Truck Can Take You"

Concurrent Session I:

  • Betty Siegel, Debbie Session, Lyn Turknett, Elizabeth Farokhi – “Panel Discussion: Workplace Ethics, Leadership and Trust ”
  • Patricia Harris – “Workshop: Leveraging American Recovery for Women in Small Businesses”
  • Yolanda Watson Spiva – “Workshop: Why Women Must, Can, and Do Lead in the Non-Profit Sector”

Concurrent Session II:

  • Rhea Gordon, Elizabeth Appley, Lisa Boone, Stephanie Davis – “Panel Discussion: Women Leading in Challenging Times"
  • Flora Devine – “Workshop: The Success Mindset: The Leadership Tool for the 21st Century ”
  • BryAnn Chen – “Workshop: Refugee and Immigrant Women Leaders Take Charge of Building a Strong Community”
  • Elizabeth Neely, Diane Cox – “Women Are Now in the Driver's Seat - Let's Build New Highways"

Phenomenal Woman Awardee: Tammy Cohen

April 23, 2009
9th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Women Leading Social Change

Keynote Speakers:

  • Lisa Borders
  • Kelly Dolan
  • Johnetta McSwain

Concurrent Session I:

  • Panel Discussion: Keisha Hoerrner, Stephanie Davis, Debra Potter, Linda Johnston - "Combatting Slavery in Our Backyard: today's Abolistionist Movement"
  • Patricia Harris - "Igniting Social Change: Women with the Entrepreneurial Spirit"
  • Sandra Stone - "Leadership Qualities of Higher Education Presidents"

Concurrent Session II:

  • Panel Discussion: Alisha Thomas Morgan, Renee Unterman, Judy Manning, Stacy Chavis - "Add Women, Change Everything"
  • Patty Durand - "Women's Impact on the Environmental Movement"

8th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference
Phenomenal Women: Economic Empowerment of Women
April 3, 2008

Keynote Speakers:

  • Peggy McCormick – “Economic Empowerment of Women”
  • Sandra Hofmann – “Personal Leadership: The Journey Starts Today”

Concurrent Session Leaders on Character:

  • Phyllis Carrera – “Women’s Real Power”
  • Candace Long – “When the Vision Dies”
  • Karla Sinclair – “Working Within Your Giftedness”
  • Debby Stone – “Values: Your Decision-Making Divining Rod”

Concurrent Session Leaders on Ethics:

  • Lynn Chastain and Dee Ann Turner – “Three Keys to a Phenomenal Life: Purpose, Partnership, Prosperity”
  • Corbette Doyle – “Reality vs. Rhetoric: The Business Case for Gender Diversity”
  • Gwyn P. Newsom – “Reclaiming Women’s Economic Power”
  • Astrid Pregel – “FEMINOMICS: Empowering Women (and men) by Successfully Challenging Our Unconscious Gender Biases (Yes, Ladies, we have them, too!)

Concurrent Session Leaders on Leadership:

  • Patricia Harris – “Empowering Women Microentrepreneurs to Reach the Next Level”
  • Alicia N. Ingram – “Bold and Brilliant: What Happens When Women Lead”
  • Rona Wells – “Corporate Boards: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby, or Have We”
  • President’s Panel Discussion moderated by Lois Robley

March 30-31, 2007
7th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Phenomenal Women: Shaping a Legacy of Leadership

Keynote Speakers:

  • Farkhonda Hassan, Ph.D. – “Women’s Presence in International Leadership”
  • Haley Kilpatrick – “Desire to Inspire”
  • Elisabeth Williams Omilami – “Spiritual Heart Disease”
  • Marie Wilson – “Closing the Leadership Gap: Why Women Can and Must Help Run the World”

Concurrent Session Leaders:

  • Phyllis Carrera and Ellen Cross – “Phenomenal Women’s Circles: Empowering Ourselves and Each Other”
  • Flora Devine – “Shaping Our Lives for Leadership through Conflict”
  • Lucy Hall – “Women NEEDED”
  • Kymberlee Keefe – “Man, I feel Like a Woman – Power Networking for Women”
  • Darlene Kluka/International Panel Discussion  - “Global Perspectives: Empowerment through Physical Activity”
  • Paige Lillard – “Influencing Change All Around You: Shaping the World You Live In”
  • Bob Littell – “Raising Your R & R Factor – How Referable are You?”
  • Peggy Parks – “Your Image – Shape It, Mold It, Let Others Behold It!”
  • Karen Pressley – “Your Life Portfolio: Investing in Yourself for Ultimate Results”
  • Dawn Randolph – “Know Your Ps & Qs: Political Power Quotient”
  • Catherine Turner – “Internal Affairs: Facing the Challenge”
  • Amy Whitley – “UPS Success in Empowering Women for Greater Achievement and Leadership”
  • Panel Discussion – “Women’s Career Stages”
  • Panel Discussion – “Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs”
  • Panel Discussion – “Succeeding in a Male-Dominated Environment”

6th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference
Leading Ladies: Truths and Myths about Women and Leadership
March 23, 2006

Keynote Speakers:

  • Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger – “Not on Stage: Real Life, Real Leading Ladies”
  • Tammy Cohen – “Empowering Tomorrow’s Leading Ladies Today”
  • Patricia Russell-McCloud – “Mountain, Get Out of My Way”
  • Student Panel – Moderator: Nu’Nicka Epps, Students: Tsen-Tsen Dara Diya, Shirley Murphy, April Gay, “The Women Leaders of Tomorrow

March 16, 2005
5th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Mentoring, Modeling and Mothering: Women’s Ways of Leading

Keynote Speakers:

  • Karen Reivich, Ph.D. – “The Importance of Resilience and Ways to Practice”
  • Phyllis Sammons – “It’s Not Where You Start But Where You Finish”

Concurrent Sessions:

  • Karen Reivich, Ph.D. – “A Psychological Tool for Practicing Resilience”
  • Lucia Kamm-Steigelman, R.N., Ph.D., M.B.A. – “Transition Planning for Lifelong Health”
  • Mary M. Pike, Psy.D. – “Leadership from the Inside Out”
  • Ann Stallard – “Leaders + Power = A Better World”

March 25, 2004
4th Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Vision and Voice: Women’s Ways of Leadership and Influence

Keynote Speakers:

  • Betty L. Siegel, Ph.D. – “invitational Leadership: A Natural Path for Women”
  • Blair Marks – “Making Your Voice Heard”
  • Deborah Ford – “Humor and GRITS as Leadership Tools”

Concurrent Sessions:

  • Von Davis – “Women Leading Women: Avoiding the Queen Bee Syndrome”
  • Rebecca Bryant, “Basics on How to Live a Healthy Life in a Hectic World”
  • Nellie Duke – “Exploring the Future: Women’s Leadership in Our Brave New World”
  • Julie Crews – “Women Leaders Meeting Demands: Juggling with Grace”

March 27, 2003
3rd Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Women Sharing Wisdom: A Celebration of Generations

Keynote Speakers:

  • Drs. Judith M. Stillion and Bethany D. Stillion – “Generational Discovery: Pathways to Communication”


  • Dr. Betty Siegel, Moderator – “Women Sharing Wisdom Across Generations”

Concurrent Sessions:

  • Jin Wang, Ph.D. – “Alternative Ways to Achieve Wellness”
  • Kelly Miller – “Financial Health Through the Ages”
  • Katie LaValee – “Generational Makeovers”
  • Barbara Gulesserian – “Celebrating the Mother/Daughter Bond”
  • Simone Whitmore, M.D. – “Stages of Menopause & Treatment”
  • Mary Martha Scarr – “Tapestry of Life: Women’s Health Issues During 5 Stages of Life”
  • Kathy L. Matthews – “Telling It Like It Is:  Using Personal Stories for Self-Exploration”

March 14, 2002
2nd Annual Phenomenal Woman’s Conference

Metamorphosis: Creatively Coping with Change

Keynote Speakers:

  • Iris Bolton, M.A. – “Breaking Free: A Sharing of Healing and Hope”
  • Janice Nadeau, Ph.D. – “The Aging Woman in Family Context”

Concurrent Speakers:

  • Ed Garbacz, M.D. – “Woman’s Health and Holistic Medicine”
  • Grady Steensrud, M.S. – “Exercise for the Health of It”
  • Bethany Stillion, Ph.D. – “Generation Gaps are Real”
  • Jennifer Beorner – “Nutrition as We Age”
  • Johanna Gardner – “Beyond Survival: Managing Life’s Changes”
  • Karen Thompson, Ph.D., R.Y.T. – “Healing, Rejuvenation and Well-Being through Yoga and Meditation”
  • Gail Rosen – Storyteller – “Answered Prayers”

April 5, 2001
The Phenomenal Woman at 40 and Beyond:

Growing Toward Excellence

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. Sandra Bertman – “The Aging Woman and Ageless Spirit: Images, Insights and Illuminations”
  • Dr. Helen Harkness – “The Phenomenal Woman Does Not Stop the Career Clock”
  • The Phenomenal Women Panel – Dr. Betty Siegel, moderator
  • Other Topics Included:
  • Victimization
  • Finances
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Metabolism
  • Spirituality
  • Positive Aging
  • Creative Writing and Journaling
  • Caregiving
  • Panel of Phenomenal Women








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