Executive and Standing Committees

Executive Committee


There are nine (9) elected members of the Executive Committee plus the dean of the host institution where the Consortium is housed.


The Executive Committee will implement all policies of the Consortium; make decisions in the interim between business meetings on those matters not otherwise covered by the Constitution; serve as members of each standing committee in such manner as to have at least one Executive Board member on each standing committee; represent the Consortium in keeping with its purpose; plan the business agenda; preside at the Annual Meeting; and perform other duties consistent with the office.

Executive Committee Roster

Standing Committees

There are six (6) standing committees within the consortium:

Nominating Committee
Members will prepare a slate for the annual election after obtaining the consent of those included, and submit the slate, a brief biographical sketch, and a draft ballot to the executive Director in time for mailing prior to the annual meeting.
China Committee
Communications Committee
Program Committee
Research and Development Committee
Taiwan Committee

Standing Committee Chart


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