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Outdoor Equipment Rental


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Department of Sports & Recreation
Kennesaw State University
290 Kennesaw State Univ Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: 470-578-3207
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Outdoor Equipment Rental

Outdoor Recreation Equipment Rental Rates & Deposit:

Rental rates are based on a weekly fee. No discounts for renting less than a week. Late fee will begin the first day after the predetermined return date. All payments must be in the form of cash or check. Checks are to be made payable to “KSU Sports and Recreation”. Separate payment required for deposit and rental fee. The deposit will be returned to the patron if all equipment is returned in good condition.

Rental Rates & Deposits
Outdoor Recreation equipment rental I agree that I am solely responsible for the return of this equipment and its condition upon return. Equipment must be returned on time or a fine of $2 per day per item will be charged. If for whatever reason, I do not return this equipment, I agree to reimburse the Department of Sports & Recreation the full amount necessary for replacement. Further, I understand that I will also be asked to pay any required repair cost, due to my negligence or improper use of this equipment. Failure to meet these above conditions may result in the withholding of grades and/or transcripts or delays of future registration in the case of outstanding obligation and forfeiture of checking out and/or renting equipment in the future.


Rental Fee (each)

Nature Bound Member Fee

Replacement Cost


$12 / week

$10 / week


Sleeping Bag(s)

$7 / week

$5 / week



$15 / week

$10 / week



$3 / week

$2 / week


(including Isobutane canister)

$15 / week

$10 / week


Cook Kit

$7 / week

$5 / week


Water Filter

$10 / week

$7 / week



$7 / week ($3/day)

$5/week ($2/day)





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