About Our Office

Staff Directory:

Bob Lang, Asst. Vice President for Strategic Security and Safety/ERM and Chief Security Officer

James Westbrook, Security & Safety Coordinator

Janet Nash, Risk Manager

Christy Hendricks, Administrative Assistant

Toni Brewer, Student Assistant /ERM

About the Department of Strategic Security & Safety

Strategic Security and Safety was created to enable succinct communication between all of the support departments traditionally charged with security / safety and the campus customers: students, faculty, staff and visitors. With the thrust of communications relying more and more on technical backbones to any infrastructure, the Information Security Office has played an important role in identifying strategic solutions and with verification of compatibility with our present systems. This said, KSU is moving towards an exceedingly robust system of preparedness, emergency alert and notification utilizing a layered approach, to ensure all customers are prepared and can respond to any emergency or disaster.

Vision Statement

KSU's SSS/ERM department will deploy the best and most efficient use of technology, personnel and training, to accomplish its mission and goal of ensuring rapid response to crises, effective training in support of those immediate responders and ensuring any opportunity to effectively enhance its response, mitigation and recovery efforts are taken daily.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead and provide.... in order to save lives, promote continuity of operations, ensure crisis coordinator training and operations and work closely with all departments on and off campus to ensure the elements of Crisis and Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management are implemented and thoroughly understood as a means to support the KSU Strategic vision and goals.


Kennesaw State University's Department of Strategic Security & Safety

  • Develops, tests, reviews, revises, and distributes the University's Emergency Operations plan, pandemic influenza response plan, pre-disaster hazard mitigation plan, and other emergency plans as warranted
  • Oversees the management of the KSU Alert system, the University's emergency mass notification system
  • Manages the Crisis Coordinator (CC) Program and provides emergency planning guidance, training, and recordkeeping
  • Activates and manages the University's Emergency Operations Center in the event of a large-scale emergency
  • Monitors campus-wide compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) regulations and ensures required training is provided, and records maintained, for all campus responders
  • Develops, conducts, and coordinates drills and exercises including community-wide exercises, campus exercises, building drills, and departmental exercises (tabletop, functional and full-scale)
  • Coordinates the setup and activation of emergency shelters (human and animal) and Public Health emergency sites utilizing KSU facilities
  • Assesses threats and implements safeguards based on current trends and events
  • Conducts risk assessments and develops departmental and site specific emergency plans for Kennesaw locations and other KSU campus sites
  • Designs, develops, and delivers training, newsletters, and other informational brochures for students, faculty, and staff on recognizing, preparing for, and responding appropriately to natural and man-made disasters and emergencies
  • Maintains a comprehensive Web site for communicating timely information to the University community
  • Investigates, develops, and implements KSU policies and procedures related to homeland security and emergency preparedness issues
  • Coordinates campus events to highlight emergency preparedness and security awareness
  • Prepared to Serve on campus, University System, local, state, and national homeland security and emergency preparedness committees
  • Coordinates on-campus community service volunteer classes to encourage participation by faculty, staff, and students
  • Encourages a service-learning attitude among University students

Emergency Operations:

The Department of Strategic Security & Safety website is the official source for information regarding the University's overall emergency operations plan and other emergency planning and mitigation services (other than information technology plans which fall under the Office of Information Security).

Emergency Operations is tasked with creating a viable emergency response capability for the University in the event of a large scale event. The types of events are both manmade and natural covering everything from tornados, ice storms, fires and hazardous materials releases. A basic emergency response plan for the campus is available.

Services Provided:

  • Consultation on individual departmental emergency plans
  • Liaison with city/county and state emergency units to develop support functions on campus
  • Emergency response training and coordination of tabletop and mock drills
  • Coordination and development of the University's emergency response
  • Production and distribution of the University's emergency response plan

The Department of Strategic Security & Safety offers training to university departments in basic emergency preparedness, emergency procedures (based on departmental Emergency Operations Plan), and various terrorism related topics. If your department is interested in this service, please call us at 770-423-6985 or e-mail us at for further information.

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