KSU Alert Systems

The Department of Strategic Security & Safety is working diligently on procuring a "Layered Approach" to emergency communications for Kennesaw State University. The entire program is called KSPARS, or the Kennesaw State Preparedness and Response System. The first layer will utilize a siren with voice over operation that will be used only for "Sheltering-In" emergencies. Those emergencies would include Tornado Warnings, Active Shooter situations and Hazardous Material Spills (On and Nearby Campus) locations. Sirens will NOT be used for evacuations such as fire alarms. The second layer is the cell phone (voice message and SMS Texting) and email notification of an emergency situation. The third layer is the utilization of a "PopUp" screen on individual and classroom computers, both PC and Mac, that will flash a message with specific instructions on what to do in a critical incident scenario.

The fourth layer is an integration of existing digital signage on and off campus to allow specific notifications on evacuations, lockdowns and "stay away" directives. Present digital signage activations are in the Library, Student Center and Student Rec Center. This layered approach, along with the Crisis Coordinator program, will allow KSU a baseline to grow upon. As we move down the road of Strategic Security and Safety, ensuring we have the right technology, and the ability to work cohesively in an emergency, is paramount to our success.

  • KSU Campus Advisory Webpage ( will display emergency and non-emergency notifications.
  • Connect-ED Emergency Notification System is a system designed to send rapid email, text and/or phone message announcements to all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Pop-up Emergency Alert Bulletins An emergency notification message window pop-up will be sent campus wide displayed on all computer monitors. This message will remain on all computer screens until cancelled by the Administrator.
  • Early Warning Siren will be activated during severe threatening weather conditions or other emergency situations when Shelter-in notifications are needed.
  • University Information Phone-Line recorded emergency and non-emergency notifications via telephone message system at (770-423-6000).
  • Public Address System Public Safety Officers may utilize public address systems on police vehicles to announce information to large crowds.
  • Telephone notification Public Safety Dispatchers may contact various offices or specific areas/persons to disseminate information.
  • Awareness Bulletins Awareness Bulletins will be sent via email to Crisis Coordinators for potentially threatening conditions. Campus-wide email may be utilized to faculty/staff and students in immediately threatening conditions, i.e. weather warnings, etc.
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) / Command and Monitoring Center is activated to manage and coordinate resources and personnel to make decisions, and to coordinate the flow of information and strategy required to deal effectively with an emergency.

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