KSU Siren System

The sirens serve as an integral part of the Early Warning System in alerting the Campus and surrounding community of emergency situations. Siren activation will only be used for "Sheltering-In" situations including Tornado Warnings, Active Shooter and Hazardous Material spills on and adjacent to the campus. The Office of Strategic Security & Safety launched a campaign to ensure the support of the surrounding community. The creation of this Perimeter Group will make certain the surrounding community is alerted in the event the Early Warning System is triggered.

In the event the Sirens are triggered, the below list of message sequences will be played over the Sirens. Click here to view the coverage map of the Siren Signal. Coupled with the Sirens, Kennesaw State University utlizies an Early Notification System that is used for crisis commucations to broadcasts Voice, E-mail, and Text messages to all Students, Faculty, and Staff.



Siren Messages

Test Message:

"Attention, this is only a test. This is a test of the Kennesaw State University Early Warning System. This is only a test."

All Clear:

"Attention, All Clear. All Clear. No Hazardous Condition Exists. All Clear."

Violent Crime Alert:

"Attention, Violent Crime Alert. Shelter in place immediately. Close and lock all windows and doors and do not attempt to enter or exit any building until advised to do so by appropriate authority. Report suspicious persons and events to the KSU Police at 770-423-6666. Violent Crime Alert."

Tornado Warning:

"Attention, Tornado Warning. A tornado warning has been issued for this area. Please seek shelter inside immediately.Tornado Warning."

Hazmat Incident:

"Attention. Hazardous Material Incident. A Hazardous Material Incident has occurred. Please stay away from the affected areas, and follow the instructions of the emergency personnel. Hazardous Material Incident."

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