The Strategic Security and Safety Department of Kennesaw State University was created to enable succinct communications between all of the support departments traditionally charged with security / safety and our campus customers: students, faculty, staff and visitors. With the thrust of timely communications relying more and more on technical backbones for all infrastructures, the Information Security Office at KSU has played an important role in identifying strategic solutions and with verification of compatibility with our present systems. This said, KSU is moving towards an exceedingly robust system of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery using an emergency alert and notification system utilizing a layered approach, to ensure all customers are prepared and can respond to any emergency or disaster.

The KSU Strategic Security and Safety Department has developed a "Roadmap" for programs and initiatives and utilizes Microsoft Project to complete assigned projects to support this "Roadmap". SSS fully understands the role of Technology in deploying solutions that enable quick and accurate Early Warning (Sirens and Voice Over) and Early Notification (ConnectED emails, voice cell and SMS texting) but greatly relies on their primary method of support: The Crisis Manager Program. Without these dedicated and front line "Immediate Responders", our ability to support life saving efforts within the first 3 minutes of the incident, would be greatly reduced. Therefore, not only do we include technology enhancements in our layered communications approach, our 165+ Crisis Managers are an integral part of the plan.

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