KSU Planning Initiatives

In 2007, Strategic Security and Safety developed a Road Map for security initiatives that would become the baseline for planning and response for the University.

Campus Security Vulnerability/Criticality/Impact Analysis

  • TASK: Implement the CPO (Continuity Planning and Outsourcing) Tracker application for conducting risk assessments as well as creating/updating security monitoring dashboards. Application will also afford an ability to conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA & Manual/Plan development)

Emergency Notification System/Layered Communications

  • TASK: Conduct survey/assessment of available commercial technology

    • 1st layer - American Signal Siren/Voice Over Early Warning System installed in four (4) locations on campus and at KSU Center. System alerts for all situations such as Tornado Warnings, Major HazMat spills and Active Shooter situations. Sirens are tested the 1st Wednesday of the month just after Cobb Countys Siren testing.
    • 2nd layer - Contract for NTIs ConnectED text messaging/cell phone notification service.
    • 3rd layer - Desktop PopUp warning screen activates in an emergency describing the situation and actions to be taken. This screen allows contact regardless of cell phone and SMS texting accessibility.
    • 4th layer - IP-based two-way intercom system has been identified & now coordinating with Procurement Office on purchase. Project will require two steps.

    Crisis Management Program Identifying a single point of contact for all buildings/locations under KSU control.

    • TASK: Identify a Single Point of Contact (POC) for all buildings on campus to create a network of trained response personnel for all emergencies and crises. Program to include identification of additional crisis coordinators, supplied with the necessary equipment (radios, whistles, vests and first aid kits) to respond immediately. Crisis Coordinators are also known as 'Immediate Responders'.
    • UPDATE: Crisis Coordinators identified (150) with all personnel in process of training within the KSU Crisis Coordinator Certification Program.

    External (Campus Perimeter) Group for Emergency Response, Assistance & Support

    • TASK:Identify those businesses & communities surrounding KSU that can assist in intelligence communications, alerts or supporting equipment in case of an emergency or disaster.
    • UPDATE: Contact list created with over 120 participating businesses and contacts to include the PineTree Country Club homes next to KSU. Most are included in the ConnectED emergency contact notification list.

    Baseline Emergency Response Manuals

    • TASK:Create Emergency Operations and Action Plans for pandemic and other issues. Plans to be formulated using the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency?s templates using Basic, Appendix and Annex information security policies & procedures.
    • UPDATE:
      • KSU Security Plans - general security accepted & on-file with the Board of Regents Security Group and will be updated as new security features are added.
      • CPO Tracker Software to be used to automate development of other various plans & to include RedBook requirements.

    IP Camera, Alarm and Panic Button Committee

    • TASK: Created an IP Camera, Alarm and Panic Button Group to identify & catalog all alarm, surveillance camera, & other security systems into a comprehensive support unit. The unit will determine new technologies & equipment for use at KSU to ensure timely & accurate response to police investigations, support for long range security initiatives, & to maintain a secure & safe environment on all KSU properties.
    • UPDATE: Created IP Group with Policy and Procedure support into an empowered unit to support the analog & IP cameras used for surveillance around campus. Server installed 10-5-07 to handle conversion of analog to IP cameras in place, storage installed (30 terabytes) and increasing. New policy allows for relocation of existing cameras based on needs and vulnerability assessments performed by the IP Camera site survey group, managed by SSS.

    Strategic Security and Safety Website

    • TASK : Create a website that enables users and visitors to obtain the latest information on Emergency Response Procedures, Mitigation and Recovery. Site will include training videos and a special section for Crisis Coordinators to pertinent information within their group.

    Emergency Learning Community and the Registered Student Organization for Emergency Preparedness

    • TASK: KSU has created an Emergency Learning Community for students to concentrate a portion of their classes in emergency response, first aid, awareness and response. The Learning Community is the first ever at KSU in this discipline.
    • UPDATE: KSU has sponsored a Registered Student Organization for Emergency Preparedness and is Co-Sponsored by the First Year Programs Office and the Office of Strategic Security and Safety. Registered students participating with over 30 at this time.