The Office of Strategic Security and Safety is committed to providing pertinent and timely information that can be used for awareness training as well as significant detailed items for in depth comprehension of specific security topics.

Monthly Newsletter

The Monthly Newsletter is a compilation of timely issues involving the Crisis Management Program, Significant headline news events and what they mean to KSU, along with news and info from individual areas of SSS. Will include the Crisis Coordinator of the Quarter and a synopsis of each meeting during the period.

News Items

The news items are a cross section of recent news articles ranging from Terrorist Activities to Computer Security. Topics to be added and archived for information purposes.

Videos and other training materials

Videos and other training materials gleaned from Government publications and other sources defining processes and procedures along with best practices of businesses, universities and government agencies.

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and Flyers, as well as current informational updates on recent activities surrounding campus security and safety items.

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