Risk Management

  • Identifies and Analyzes Loss Exposures
  • Provides consultation with University departments about loss control and insurance issues.
  • Examines loss records, reviews legal contracts and addresses safety and risk issues.
  • Reviews Projects and Programs
  • Reviews University projects and programs for potential risk.
  • Makes recommendations to minimize or eliminate the potential for injuries or property loss.
  • Implements and Monitors Programs
  • Risk Management administers the University's self-insured and commercial programs. Determines the adequacy of coverage, assists departments with their insurance needs, facilitates the tracking of insurance claims, reviews insurance policies, and presents reports.

Property Damage or Loss

Any damage to and/or loss of KSU property should be reported immediately to reduce liability and facilitate insurance procedures. Also, damages to vehicles in the parking decks should be reported for investigation and an insurance determination.

Instructions and Required Forms

Property Damage – Buildings & Contents
Vehicle Damage (Parked)
Theft of KSU Property

Loss Control & Insurance

Loss Control

Information relevant to reducing losses through proactive measures. These include DOAS's Comprehensive Loss Control Program and USG's Motor Vehicle Use Policy.


Information on how to obtain insurance, insurance quotes and certificates of insurance through the Department of Safety & Risk Management. This includes insuring KSU's recently purchased or leased property, transient state property, KSU sponsored groups and/or special events

Auto & General Liability Claims

How to file a general liability insurance claim whether for a student, non-student, employee or non-employee or for KSU or non-KSU owned property.

Notify Risk Management Immediately (email)
(678) 797-2460 (office)
(770) 423-6917 (fax)

Instructions and Required Forms

Use this form for all Auto Accidents:
Automobile Loss

Add this form if there is another person or party involved:
Liability Incident Report Form

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