Programs and Services

  • Develops, tests, reviews, revises, and distributes the University's Emergency Operations plan, pandemic influenza response plan, pre-disaster hazard mitigation plan, and other emergency plans as warranted
  • Oversees the management of the KSU Alert system, the University's emergency mass notification system
  • Manages the Crisis Coordinator (CC) Initiative and provides emergency planning guidance, training, and recordkeeping
  • Activates and manages the University's Emergency Operations Center in the event of a large-scale emergency
  • Monitors campus-wide compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) regulations and ensures required training is provided, and records maintained, for all campus responders
  • Develops, conducts, and coordinates drills and exercises including community-wide exercises, campus exercises, building drills, and departmental exercises (tabletop, functional and full-scale)
  • Coordinates the setup and activation of emergency shelters (human and animal) and Public Health emergency sites utilizing KSU facilities
  • Assesses threats and implements safeguards based on current trends and events
  • Conducts risk assessments and develops departmental and site specific emergency plans for Kennesaw locations and other KSU campus sites
  • Designs, develops, and delivers training, newsletters, and other informational brochures for students, faculty, and staff on recognizing, preparing for, and responding appropriately to natural and man-made disasters and emergencies
  • Maintains a comprehensive Web site for communicating timely information to the University community
  • Investigates, develops, and implements KSU policies and procedures related to homeland security and emergency preparedness issues
  • Coordinates campus events to highlight emergency preparedness and security awareness
  • Prepared to Serve on campus, University System, local, state, and national homeland security and emergency preparedness committees
  • Coordinates on-campus community service volunteer classes to encourage participation by faculty, staff, and students
  • Encourages a service-learning attitude among University students¬†

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