Students in our Communities

You hear the distressing cry, “Emergency! Someone please help!” Are you prepared to respond? The scenarios are endless – a sports injury, automobile accident, heart attack, fire, tornado, or active shooter just to name a few. Tragedies such as the shootings at Virginia Tech and other campuses and devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina have made many aware that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our neighbors to become prepared citizens. Kennesaw State University has developed programs to populate our campus and our communities with prepared citizens.

Emergency! Are You Prepared? – A Learning Community

Learning  communities at Kennesaw State are designed to help incoming first-year students  connect to each other, to faculty and staff, and to campus. In this case, three  entry-level courses are linked by the emergency preparedness theme and focused  on leadership and preparedness. Students will explore what is required to become immediate responders in a variety of emergency situations.

FOR EXAMPLE: What training is required to take action if someone should lose consciousness? What kind of will and determination do people who deploy to natural disaster emergency scenes possess? What is the survival mindset that often determines who survives a violent attack?

Student Crisis Coordinators – A Registered Student Organization

Students in this organization are first trained to be disaster aware. Those desiring advanced training may become certified in first aid, CPR and AED, emergency preparedness and response, crisis mitigation, and relief shelter protocol. Students completing classroom and hands-on training through our Department of Strategic Security and Safety, the American Red Cross, and other state and community organizations are invited to participate in drills simulating emergencies such as fire, tornado, active shooter, or relief sheltering.

Through training in emergency preparedness, Kennesaw State students are ready to respond in the event of a campus or community emergency. In addition, regardless of career goals – public service, business, education, or other, these students possess skills that enhance their marketability in any job sector. These two programs - the learning community and student crisis coordinators, a registered student organization - provide Kennesaw State students the opportunity to serve our communities responsibly as prepared citizens.

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