Kennesaw State University Staff Senate

The Staff Senate guiding theme this year is wrapped around the principles of “Servant Leadership.” As defined many years ago by Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf, servant leaders are those who “possess the natural feeling of wanting to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.” Staff members who have come forward to commit to serving not only fellow coworkers, but others in the immediate and surrounding KSU communities, exemplify the spirit of servant leadership.

Over the course of our current term, Staff Senate will fulfill its responsibilities to inform our constituents on important issues and events that affect them and the environment in which they work. We will, simultaneously, work hand-in-hand with other university governing bodies and President Papp and his cabinet to help ensure KSU meets its strategic goals and objectives.

The Staff Senate is committed to building stronger bonds within the staff and encouraging cooperation between the staff, faculty, students, administration, and the Board of Trustees for the benefit of the University. It shall provide an opportunity for all Staff members at Kennesaw State University to show and be shown compassion. It will also serve as the key player in maintaining a workplace that encourages input from all staff in creating a harmonious environment. The Staff Senate will continue to work for positive participation in constructive endeavors that benefit the University and the Staff representation.

Here are just a few dedicated goals the Staff Senate has exemplified:

  • Improved communication and further developed good working relationships with other areas of the University.
  • Sustained a working culture that enables Staff to contribute their best to the KSU.
  • Promoted and facilitated Staff participation in the University community and furthered the University's missions by encouraging increased Staff participation.

Some of the goals for this year's Staff Senate include:

  • Look for and encourage leadership opportunities for all Staff members while always portraying a servant leader attitude.
  • Continue to be an advocate for all staff and to represent staff interests through regular contact with administrators and on appropriate committees.
  • Create new ideas that have potential to improve and/or support University leadership.
  • Continue to solicit points of discussion from the KSU staff community through agenda requests and an open forum.
  • Continue efforts to improve communication among various campus agencies in order to build the Staff Senate into a more effective representative body for the Staff.
  • Leading by example by an increase in Senator participation in Staff Senate and University sponsored events.
  • Encourage the professional growth and development of all Staff members.
  • Positively affect the University's decision-making process.


  1. Staff Senate meetings are open to everyone; they are held the third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted.
  2. Your ideas and emails are important to us. Please email
  3. We need your participation on committees. You do not have to be an elected Senator to serve.
  4. Get to know your Staff Senator. See the roster on our website
  5. The Staff Senate votes on issues and projects that represent all staff.
  6. All full time benefited employees who have passed their 6-month probationary period are eligible to serve. So, if a seat is open in your area, you can be a Staff Senator!

Thank you for your support of Staff Senate in the past and the future!

Ron Bullock, President

Carole Hill, President-Elect

Anna Tucker, Secretary

Elizabeth Tanner, Treasurer

Mission Statement

The Staff Senate, one of the governance and standing committees at Kennesaw State University, supports and facilitates the mission of the university “to be a progressive and exemplary educational institution, respected for its excellence and leadership.”

Members of the Staff Senate:

  • Act as a collective voice for presenting the concerns and needs of the KSU staff to the University administrators.
  • Enthusiastically embrace a commitment to excellence.
  • Strive to improve the working environment of the staff, thereby contributing to the ethical principles, diversity, unity, and strength of the entire campus community.
  • Recognize that the morale of the staff is an indicator of the health of the institution, and, therefore, endeavor to elevate the morale level on campus so that KSU staff can be positive ambassadors of the University in the greater Atlanta community area and beyond.

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