There are 8 standing committees established in the Staff Senate bylaws. Every Senate Member must participate on at least one of these committees. Ad hoc committees are created by the Senate as the need arises. Any staff member may participate as a non-voting member of a committee. If you would like more information, please contact us at Thank you.

Budget & Finance

The treasurer will serve as the Chair of the Budget & Finance committee. This committee will be responsible for developing a yearly budget for the Staff Senate, which will be presented in July for approval. They will also develop and implement fund raising opportunities with the assistance of the full Senate.

Community Service

The Feed the Future Committee coordinates the donation of food items for the KSU Health Clinic to assist KSU students. The needs of the students will be determined by the Health Clinic. Other community service initiatives may be added with approval of the Executive Committee and general body.

Development & Scholarship Committee

The Development & Scholarship Committee will research and inform staff of the opportunities that are available on and off campus to improve their job skills and knowledge, including scholarships, continuing education courses, and other opportunities as appropriate.

Resolution Committee

The Resolution Committee will be overseen by the Executive Committee and have the following responsibilities:

  • Developing and recommending criteria for the evaluation of issues given to the Senate;
  • Providing oversight and monitoring progress of issues given to the Senate;
  • Creating and maintaining a master data file of all issues;
  • Serving as a resource to Senate members for drafting and submitting issues;
  • Serving as a resource for Staff Committees;
  • Validating issues-related proposals submitted for consideration by the general membership of the Staff Senate based on their adherence to the adopted guidelines and submission process;
  • Organizing duly submitted issues into categories.

Spirit & Social Committee

The Spirit & Social Committee will be responsible for addressing and improving issues regarding staff morale. The Spirit & Social Committee will coordinate and plan all Senate events that promote community spirit.

Staff Awards & Recognition

The Staff Awards and Recognition Committee must be comprised of voting Senate members. Duties include soliciting nominations, screening nominees and voting on the "Staff Employee of the Month Award" and the "Annual Staff Distinguished Service Awards." The committee must have a majority vote to award a Staff Employee of the Month.

Staff Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee disseminates information about the Staff Senate and distributes that information via Web site and e-mail to the campus community. This committee is a service to all committees.

Nominations & Elections

The Nominations & Elections Committee will be appointed by the president. Committee members will include one elected member from each of the 5 divisions (Academic Affairs, Chief Officer of Operations, President's Area, University Advancement & Development, and Student Success and Enrollment). Duties are as follows:

  1. Convey notification of a Senate vacancy to all constituents in the division.
  2. Solicit eligible staff members to be nominated for a division
    • If multiple staff members volunteer, the Nominations & Elections Committee shall conduct a special election in the division
    • If only one staff member volunteers, despite notification to all constituents on the division, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall recommend to the Executive Board and then the general body that the staff member be elected representative.
  3. Communicate its efforts to fill mid-term vacancies to the Executive Committee.
  4. Notify campus community via e-mail with election results.