Employee of the Month

  • February 2013 - Dianne Bridges

    Sturgis Library

    This stellar employee contributes to the efficiency of our department by their helpfulness and dedication to others. They consistently exhibit a cheerful & positive attitude. They inspire a sense of belonging and teamwork that leads to a welcoming department and campus community. This hard-working, dependable person does what is needed to get the job done with a flair of professionalism that makes the department and University really shine. This employee is the Best-of-the-Best!

    Outstanding job, Dianne!

  • January 2013 - Iyonka Strawn-Valcy

    Education Abroad Office/Institute for Global Initiatives

    Iyonka Strawn-Valcy has brought her inspirational leadership style to our office, and it has truly affected each person in a positive way. She makes an effort each day to make every person feel valued, whether they are under her direct supervision or not. She has a clarity of vision that has increased our office productivity and has helped us to better meet our organizational goals. Iyonka greets situations with a can-do attitude and a direct approach that makes our workplace a pleasure!

    Amazing work, Iyonka!

  • December 2012 - Debra Hill

    Office of Diversity & Inclusion

    Debra is responsible for office management, reception of all office visitors, budget and p-card support, calendar management, record management, travel and expense reporting, development of meeting agendas and capturing of meeting minutes, and many other forms of executive support. She is an exemplar of what an administrative professional should be: extremely detail-oriented, warm and personable, intelligent, a proactive thinker, independent and self-sufficient, and responsible and accountable. These are just a few of the adjectives that I (and many others) would use to describe her.

    Great job, Debra!

  • November 2012 - Tisha McCalla

    Elementary & Childhood Education

    Tisha is well known throughout the campus for her compassion and energy. Always friendly and personable, she is highly qualified, competent, and knowledgeable about policies and practices of our department and of KSU, and is able to assist all in the KSU community. She is special, dedicated, and deserving of Employee of the Month.

    Super work, Tisha!

  • October 2012 - Jennifer Boynton


    She is an exceptional staff member, consistently going above and beyond to assist students and faculty. What stands out about her is her friendly disposition and understanding of her position. Even on her busiest days, she has a smile and expertly and patiently juggles her many responsibilities. She is a quick learner and is more than willing to seek feedback related to her efforts. I know of no one more deserving of this award than her.

    Amazing job, Jennifer!

  • September 2012 - Elizabeth Davis

    College of Humanities & Social Sciences

    Elizabeth continues to provide stellar service to the entire college despite significant increases in her workload resulting from both shifting and new responsibilities. In a very high stress work environment, Elizabeth is a calm and extremely effective representative of the Dean's office. Her work is always timely and accurate. She is also a terrific representative of the university to external groups.

    Outstanding work, Elizabeth!

  • August 2012 - Michele Miller

    Institute for Global Initiatives

    As we welcome another year of international students, Michele works tirelessly to make sure that they all have a place to lay their heads, have food in their tummies, and are registered for the proper classes. She also handles a number of international scholars coming to campus under various circumstances. A nomination for her is long overdue, but she is not one to stand out or push her work forward to get noticed.

    Amazing job, Michele!