Staff Senate / Staff Council History

The Staff Council of Kennesaw State University was officially organized in 1991 as a result of President Betty L. Siegel's collaborative model of University governance. At the President's request, sixty-five elected employee representatives attended a summer staff retreat on June 20th, 1991, at Wildwood Baptist Church in Kennesaw. The purpose was to advise the President on issues relating to a number of campus-wide concerns. This retreat supplied an open forum for elected staff representatives to discuss these issues. Those staff members attending represented the campus-wide concerns with genuine openness and sincerity in an atmosphere of camaraderie and collegiality.

To continue the dialogue that began during the Wildwood retreat, efforts were made to establish a staff voice through a formally organized Staff Council. In an environment characterized by support from the President and members of the President's Cabinet, the Staff Council became a reality.

The current Kennesaw State University Staff Senate serves as the collective voice for all staff employees at the University. The Senate is a part of the official governance structure of KSU with links to the University Senate. The Council/Senate has had a significant impact on overall University operations including monthly meetings with the University President and the Vice President for Business and Finance. Through it's deliberations, all staff has the opportunity to influence decisions affecting the welfare of the University and its employees.

Staff Senate meetings are open to anyone interested in attending and/or becoming involved in the many projects and activities sponsored by the Senate . Over the past ten years, the KSU Staff Council/Senate has established itself as a leading model for developing staff organizations at other University System of Georgia institutions. The Council/Senate has also been an influential presence in the University System of Georgia's State-wide Staff Council.

KSU Staff Council Chairs/Staff Senate Presidents
1991-1992 Carol Pope 2002-2003 Amy Phillips
1992-1993 Carol Pope   2003-2004 Cecilia Peyton
1993-1994 Lynch Allison 2004-2005 Rocky Barnes
1994-1995 Fran Paul   2005-2006 Angie Nunz
1995-1996 Suzy M. Millwood   2006-2007 James Shuey
1996-1997 Brenda Humble   2007-2008 Nu'nicka Epps
1997-1998 Pete Blanar   2008-2009 Kathy Rechsteiner
1998-1999 Rita Spisak   2009-2010 Kathryn Siggelko
1999-2000 David Baugher   2010-2011 Tisha McCalla
2000-2001 David Baugher 2011-2012 Deborah Chimeno
2001-2002 Patty Sansom 2012-2013 Vanessa Biggers