Strategic Thinking and Planning Committee

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Kennesaw State University
Strategic Thinking and Planning (STP) 2012-2017 Committee

Purpose to: 1. To identify those actions needed to catapult KSU to national prominence; and
2. To formulate KSU's 2012-2017 Strategic Plan
Time frame: Start: September 2010
Complete: September 2012

Committee Membership:

1 Committee Chair: President, Kennesaw State University
1 Committee Coordinator
1 Current Chair of the University Council
7 faculty, one each from every degree granting college, elected
by the senators from that college operating as a caucus
1 from the Graduate College selected by the Dean
1 from the College of Continuing and Professional Education selected by the Dean
2 from the Staff Senate, elected by the Staff Senate
2 from the Administrators Senate, elected by the Administrators Senate
2 from the Student Government Association, elected by the SGA
1 from the Chairs Council, elected by the Chairs Council
1 from the Deans Council, elected by the Deans Council
1 KSU liaison to SACS
10 members of the Presidentís Cabinet
1 Faculty Executive Assistant to the Provost
1 Faculty Athletic Representative and Past Chair of University Council

Total Committee Membership: 33
Committee Secretary, Judi Walper



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