Campus Accessibility at KSU

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Any individual with a disability who wishes to participate in an activity or program offered by the institution and needs assistance should contact the office sponsoring the program at least five working days prior to the date of the program so that arrangements can be made. 


Emergency Procedures

During fire alarms or other emergency situations which require exiting a multistory building without the use of the elevator, students who are physically disabled should proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait for emergency personnel to assist them in exiting the building.

Should a student become ill while on the campus, the institution's public safety personnel will follow their standard emergency response procedures. Students who may require additional special considerations should notify the Department of Public Safety.

Emergency Response Procedures

  1. Officers of the Department of Public Safety are trained as emergency medical technicians and will be called to assess the situation and administer immediate first aid.
  2. If the student is conscious and alert and wants an ambulance to be called, the attending officer will comply with the request.
  3. If the student is unconscious, he/she will be treated and transported to the hospital by ambulance. The attending officer will call the ambulance at the individual's expense to transport him/her to the nearest emergency room.
  4. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact parents, spouse or next of kin to inform them of the situation.

KSU Department of Public Safety


TDD Telephones on Campus

Telephone access for individuals with hearing impairment or speech impairment is available at KSU in the following areas:

The Georgia Relay Service will relay telephone calls between individuals who use a TDD and individuals who use a voice phone. The Georgia Relay Service can be reached at 1-800-255-0056 from a TDD or 1-800-255-0135 from a voice phone.