Based on documentation, students may be entitled to certain accommodations in academic settings such as classroom and lab, in testing, or in general campus access.  Students participating in off-campus programs may also be entitled to accommodations in order to participate in those programs. The disAbled Student Support Services office is responsible for identifying appropriate accommodations and working with faculty/staff to assure that accommodations are arranged.

Testing Accommodations Academic Accommodations General Accommodations


Testing Accommodations

  • extended time
  • low distraction environment
  • oral testing
  • test reader or test on tape
  • test scribe
  • rephrase questions
  • reformat test
  • sign language interpreter available
  • large print test
  • Brailled test
  • calculator for math
  • voice calculator
  • electronic speller
  • use of a computer for writing
  • test rescheduling

A. Extended time

  1. The student may begin the test with the class and continue beyond the allotted testing period, either in the classroom or in a nearby empty room. The faculty is responsible for supervising the test.
  2. The student may take the test at a different time and location identified by the faculty. The faculty is responsible for supervising the test.
  3. The student may utilize the disAbled Students Support Services testing facility under the following guidelines.
    1. a. test must be arranged in advance to assure that space and proctors are available.
      b. test should be taken during the regular testing period for the class, unless the faculty approves otherwise.
      c. test should be delivered to the disAbled Student Support Services office at least one day in advance of testing. If the test format must be modified (enlarged, recorded, etc.) then the test should be delivered three days in advance.
      d. test should have a cover sheet completed by the faculty indicating any special instructions for test administration.
      e. testing time will normally be 1 1/2 times the regular testing period, but the assistant director or the testing coordinator has the discretion to extend the time in extenuating circumstances.
      f. test will be hand delivered in a sealed envelope to the faculty member’s mailbox or office after completion of the test, unless other arrangements are specified on the test cover sheet.
      g. if no instructions are indicated, then no additional materials will be allowed in the testing room.
      h. the assistant director or testing coordinator has the discretion of allowing the student to use a computer with spell-check for extended writing, unless specified otherwise.

    B. Separate testing location

    A quiet, low distraction testing environment or a private testing environment may be accomplished by:
    1. allowing the student to take the test in a private office or nearby empty classroom.  The faculty is responsible for supervising the test.  NOTE: A busy departmental office, a shared office or the hallway outside the classroom are NOT appropriate environments.
    2. utilizing the services of the disAbled Student Support Services testing facility under the same guidelines as extended time testing.

    C. Adapted Tests

    The disAbled Student Support Services office will provide the following test adaptations:

    The adapted test may either be returned to the faculty for administration, or administered in the disAbled Student Support Services testing facility.  Faculty should deliver the test three days in advance to allow time for the adaptations to be completed.

    D.  Oral testing/test scribe

    A test proctor may be needed to read a test orally and/or write the student's responses in certain situations.  Please make arrangements for oral testing/test scribing at least one week in advance so that a room and proctor can be arranged.

    Standardized Tests

    Appropriate accommodations for tests required by the University System of Georgia are identified in the Board of Regents Policies and Procedures manual.

    For other standardized tests, the student must apply for and be granted accommodations through the particular testing service.
    The fact that a student receives accommodations at KSU does not guarantee accommodations 
    on national standardized tests. 

    The University System and KSU are NOT a part of the process for granting accommodations on the following tests:

    PRAXIS test
    or any other national certification tests. Follow the link above for that test's web site, or see the test registration book for each of these tests to determine procedures and requirements for applying for accommodations.


    Academic Accommodations
    • tape recording lectures
    • preferential seating
    • clear view for lipreading
    • help finding notetakers
    • in-class scribe
    • sign language interpreters in class
    • closed captioned videos
    • large print handouts and materials
    • Brailled handouts and materials
    • oral description of visual aids
    • lab assistance
    • accessible desk
    • accessible chair
    • disability related absences
    • disability related extensions
    • laptop computer for notetaking
    • adaptive technology in class
    • assistive listening device
    Alternate Format Textbooks
    Course Materials in Alternate Format
    Class taping/notetaking
    Special Furniture
    Sign Language Interpreting
    Physical Assistance
    Special Equipment
    Other accommodations

    A. Alternate Format Textbooks

    B. Course Materials in Alternate Format

    C. Class taping/notetaking