Improving Your Communication Skills

Presented by disAbled Student Support Services at Kennesaw State University

Sometimes it seems that everyone is talking and no one is listening. This is particularly true in stressful situations. This new skills development workshop can help participants learn new and effective ways to achieve their goals at Kennesaw State University.

The facilitator will demonstrate various effective methods of communicating individual needs to instructors and classmates. Participants will learn how to ask for what they need in terms of accommodations from their instructors in class work and tests. Participants will learn how to communicate face-to-face, in formal writing assignments, in e-mail correspondence, and on the telephone.

These same communication skills can be applied to the workplace environment as well as at home with family and friends. Participants will practice good communication skills both with the facilitator and with each other to increase their comfort and competence in dealing with difficult scenarios.

Advance Registration is required. Send an e-mail here.