What Is Critical Thinking and How Do I Learn It?

Presented by disAbled Student Support Services at Kennesaw State University

This skills development workshop will encouarge participants to begin thinking about how they are thinking. It is designed to assist students with strategies to stretch their imaginations, think more creatively, explore issues more fully, be more open to new and different approaches to learning.

Basic steps in the development of critical thinking skills will be taught. Effective strategies for learning how to analyze situations, answer troubling test questions as well as comprehend assignment expectations will be covered by the facilitators. Clarity and quality of written and oral expression will be emphasized. The implementation of these skills will help to increase students' academic performance level at Kennesaw State University.

The facilitators will address individual questions and specific situations and offer constructive suggestions to the participants to improve their critical thinking skills.


Advance Registration is required. Send an e-mail here.