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Documentation Guidelines and Information

The University System of Georgia requires that students who are requesting accommodations provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Providing the necessary documentation is the responsibility of the student, not the institution.

Documentation must meet University System requirements in order to be accepted. Documentation requirements are listed below.

For learning disordersattention disorderspsychological disorderspervasive developmental disorders or acquired brain injuries that affect cognitive functions --

The Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) must review evaluations that were not done by the RCLD to determine whether or not they meet University System requirements. When you come for your intake interview, you will be asked to sign a release to send your evaluation to the RCLD for review. This review process can take several weeks, so please start early.

If your evaluation was done at the RCLD, or if it has already been approved by the RCLD through another institution, please bring that information to your intake interview. Your documentation will not need to be reviewed again.

If you have been attending another higher education institution but your evaluation has not been approved by the RCLD, please bring your list of approved accommodations from that institution as well as your evaluation to your intake interview.

If your documentation is reviewed and does not meet the University System requirements, it is your responsibility to obtain the additional testing/evaluation. You may choose any of several methods to obtain a new evaluation. 

(1) Check with your insurance company to see if your insurance will pay for a new evaluation. Be sure to direct the evaluator to the RCLD website for documentation requirements. 

(2) You may return to the person who did the initial evaluation for an updated evaluation or for the additional information needed as defined in the letter from the RCLD. 

(3) You may have a new evaluation done at the Regents Center for Learning Disorders for a cost of $500. You start this process by picking up a testing packet from the KSU disAbled Student Support Services office. New/additional documentation must be submitted to the RCLD for a new review.

The University System of Georgia general documentation guidelines can be found at www.usg.edu/academic_affairs_handbook/section3/handbook/appendicesDH/#pappendix_e_specific_documentation_guidelines.

In addition, The University System has developed specific documentation requirements for nine categories of disabilities (these pages are in pdf format for ease of printing):

Disabilities as defined by the ADA that are not covered by specific University System guidelines described above may be eligible for accommodations to University System policies. Documentation must meet the general documentation guidelines for the University System of Georgia found at http://www.usg.edu/academic_affairs_handbook/section3/handbook/appendicesDH/#pappendix_d_disability_documentation.


High School Records

Many of the policies and procedures for serving students with disabilities change dramatically from high school to college. You may, or may not, be eligible for the same or similar accommodations that you had in high school. However, high school records can be very helpful in figuring out strategies that are more likely to work for you.

Intake Interview

The intake interview begins the process of registering for accommodations at KSU. Your documentation will be reviewed for currency and completeness. Then you will be asked to sign a release to have your documentation sent to the Regents Center for Learning Disorders for review and approval. We will go over some of the processes and procedures for utilizing accommodations, and we will also discuss some strategies that will help you be a more successful student. The staff will answer as many questions as we can and direct you to the right person(s) to answer any questions that I can't answer. We will also help you with planning your schedule for the next semester, if needed.

System-level Accommodations

All system-level accommodations must be approved by the Regents Center for Learning Disorders. These include:

  • modifications of the CPE or COMPASS test other than extended time

  • additional semesters in Learning Support courses

  • substitution of the CPE foreign language requirement

  • Regents Test accommodations other than extended time, a quiet room, use of a computer for writing, or large print

Other accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may, or may not, require RCLD approval.


Remember, you are entering a different educational system when you transition from high school to postsecondary education. Many of the requirements, policies, procedures, and accommodations will be different. Take a moment to review the information regarding transitioning on the Department of Education's website at www.ed..gov/about/offices/list/ocr/transition.html. We will work with you to make your transition as smooth as possible.