"Building Your Dreams"

Presented by disAbled Student Support Services at Kennesaw State University

All sessions will be held in University Room C, except as noted.

To receive the greatest benefit, participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions.

"Building Your Dreams" is a four-part series of skills development workshops designed to offer assistance to students who may meed more intensive help with study skills, note-taking skills, test-taking skills (including strategies to combat test anxiety) and strategies to integrate these skills with individual learning styles.

Study Skills
The facilitator will administer a learning styles inventory in the first session.This tool is designed to help the participant discover his or her strongest learning style(s). Effective study skills will be taught.

Notetaking Skills
The second session will concentrate on note-taking skills. Methods for written note-taking as well as workable alternatives will be explored by the facilitator and the participants. Individualized suggestions will be made.

Test taking Skills
In the third session, the facilitator will help the students discover test-taking strategies to make the "ordeal" of tests and examinations more manageable. Methods for coping effectively with test anxiety will be discussed.

Learning Styles
In the final session, the facilitator will demonstrate strategies to help the participants incorporate their strongest learning style(s) into their class preparation time. This will make class preparation more effective and will, when implemented properly, improve the overall performance of the participants at Kennesaw State University.


Advance Registration is required. Send an e-mail here.