Hyperactive Children Grown Up: ADHD In Children, Adolescents, and Adults
Gabrielle Weiss, M.D.; Lily Trokenberg Hechtman, M.D.

Long considered a standard in the field, the first edition of "Hyperactive Children Grown Up" explored what happens to hyperactive children when they grow to adulthood. Based on the renowned McGill prospective studies - research that now spans more than 30 years - the volume reported findings on the etiology, treatment, and outcome of attention deficits and hperactivity at all stages of development. Updating and expanding upon a classic work, this second edition includes entirely new chapters that summarize recent developments in ADHD, research on genetic transmission, neurobiological aspects, and the importance of coexistence of outher conditions. Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD adults, and the latest findings on the efficacy of psychosocial treatments and medications are discussed, and a multimodal approach is described in detail.

Bringing a master work completely up to date, "Hyperactive Children Grown Up, Second Edition" will interest a wide array of professionals. Its empirical and methodological rigor will be valued by researchers, and its clinical observations provide clinicians with a richer appreciation of treatment practices for the ADHD child, adolescent, and adult. The book is also informative reading for teachers, parents of children with ADHD, and adults who continue to have the disorder.
Published by Guilford Press, 1993.
486 pages

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