Power Talking Skills: How To Say What You Mean
And Get What You Want

Your language shapes your thoughts, actions and the way others see you. Unfortunately, most people use powerless language. Why? It's a habit. They don't understand how weak expressions and phrases undermine their personal image, self-esteem and effectiveness.

"Power Talking Skills" is designed to change the way you speak, think and behave. This tape program will teach your proven, powerful ways to:

  • get other people's attention and respect
  • add impact to everything you say
  • develop closer, more productive relationships
  • stay calm under pressure

This program will give you a new understanding of the power of language. More important, you'll be able to replace powerless language with effective alternatives. You'll see the difference immediately - as you become more positive, persuasive and powerful in every situation.

Audiocassette, 2.5 hours
Produced by CareerTrack, Inc., 1991.

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