The following programs/workshops are typically scheduled every semester. See the current Student Development Center Calendar of Activities for specific dates/time/locations.

"Building Your Dreams" Workshops
"I Can Succeed!" Workshops
"Improving Your Communication Skills" Workshops
"Stop Stress Before It Stops You" Workshops
"How to Get Your Career Off the Ground" Workshops
"Financial Life Skills" Workshops
"What Is Critical Thinking and How Do I Learn It?" Workshops
"How to Conquer Math Anxiety" Workshops
"Managing Effective Study Time in a Busy Life" Workshops

"Resources for Coping for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder"

"Personal Safety"


  • All workshops are sponsored by the disAbled Students Support Services office.
  • All workshops are free to students, but ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Registration forms for all workshops are available in the Student Development Center, located in the new Student Center suite 267, and in various locations around campus.
  • You may also register by e-mail from each workshop's web page.

    For more information, call 770-423-6443/V or 770-423-6480/TDD.