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Policies for Testing in the SDS Office_________

Students with disabilities who have been granted extended time accommodations in the administration of academic tests have several options for obtaining those accommodations:

  1. Arrange testing accommodations individually with the faculty member (start before the class period, continue working after class period, meet with faculty at another pre-arranged time, etc.) in order to complete tests with minimum loss of faculty contact in the event that questions arise during testing;
  2. Arrange testing accommodations with the faculty member using an alternate testing location (empty office or classroom, online using Desire 2 Learn, etc.); faculty is responsible for proctoring the test;
  3. Arrange for testing in the testing facilities of Student Disability Services with faculty permission.  Space for testing in the SDS office is limited, and first priority will be given to students who need to use the adaptive equipment available in the SDS testing area.

The following policies apply to students taking tests in the SDS testing area:

1.Faculty notification letters must be delivered to professors by students at least 5 business days before the date of testing.

2.You must notify SDS of the date and time of testing as early as possible, but no later than 5 days before the test date (equivalent to 2-3 business days before the test date) by submitting the online test reservation form. Scheduling to reserve a testing space is the responsibility of students, not faculty. Be sure to fill in every blank and type your professor’s email address in correctly, or else he/she will not receive notification that you have scheduled (a D2L email address will not work). It is also your responsibility to remind your professors with each upcoming test that you will be testing in SDS and request that the professor send the test to us. You will NOT receive an email notification or phone call from SDS regarding your request, unless there is an issue or your request is denied.

3.During fall and spring semesters, SDS is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday. During summer semesters, SDS is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday; however, we can stay open until 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday if needed for testing and if scheduled with sufficient advance notice. Testing in SDS must be completed by the designated closing time on that particular day; you will be asked to turn in your test at closing even if you are not finished. It is your responsibility to schedule sufficient time and to arrive on time.

4.“No shows” hurt everyone by disrupting the schedule, tying up otherwise available testing areas, and causing difficulties for staff, professors and academic departments. Notify SDS immediately if your test has been cancelled or changed to another date, or if you are experiencing an emergency which prevents you from keeping your appointment (also be sure to contact your professor if you are experiencing an emergency and cannot take your test). After multiple no-shows, SDS reserves the right to suspend use of our testing facilities.

5.If you do not schedule tests with sufficient advance notice and if SDS does not have a copy of the test and/or space in our testing rooms, then you will have to try to make arrangements with the professor for your accommodations. We must have ample notice to ensure that there will be a proctor on hand, available space in a test room for you, and that your professor will be able to get a copy of your test to us. After multiple instances of not scheduling with 2-3 business days’ notice or not scheduling at all, SDS reserves the right to suspend use of our testing facilities.

6.You must take your test in SDS at the same time that the class is taking the test unless the professor specifically approves otherwise by contacting us to let us know. You may start earlier or stay later to have the extra time needed, provided a room is available, but you should be in our testing area while the class is taking the test. Professors teaching evening classes may allow students to test outside of the scheduled class time (or they may accommodate students themselves), but students must first check with the faculty member for permission to test at an alternate time.

7.The amount of extra time allowed is determined on an individual basis, depending on the nature of the test and the nature of the disability. As a general rule, 1½ times the amount of time given to the rest of the class for the test is the maximum extended time allowed. A student who arrives late for a scheduled testing appointment risks losing the extended time allowed as other appointments must also be honored.

8.Stretch breaks are allowed, but you must remain in the SDS office. Once you have received a test, you will not be allowed to leave the testing area, so please take care of bathroom breaks before you begin your test. If you think there is a chance that you may need to use the restroom during a test, you must notify us before you receive your test, so that we can split your test into two parts (or more if necessary). You can take one part, and once you’ve turned in that completed part back to us, you will be allowed to use the restroom. When you return, you will be given the second part to complete, but you will not be allowed to return to the previous part after using the restroom.

9.You may bring some items into the test room with you, such as non-noisy drinks, non-noisy snacks, etc. (We reserve the right to approve or disapprove other items to be taken into the room.) Besides the aforementioned items, only necessary materials approved by the professor are allowed in the rooms. Book bags and purses must be left in the testing office, along with cell phones and any other electronic communication devices. Cell phones and other noise-making devices must be turned off or placed on silent when deposited.

10.The testing rooms are monitored by cameras to ensure academic integrity. Anyone who is observed using unauthorized materials in the testing area will be reported to the faculty, who determines the appropriate course of action as outlined in the student code of conduct/SCAI procedures. Repeated infractions of the academic honesty policy may result in exclusion from testing in SDS.

11.Due to our high volume of students, we can rarely guarantee a completely private test room, especially during heavy testing times such as midterms and finals. Please make sure to let us know on your scheduling form if you need access to a computer, special software, or if you have a specific reason for needing a private testing room. When eligible, we will make every effort to accommodate this request.

12.In the event of an emergency requiring egress from the building, the following procedures will be followed:

  • The student is responsible for saving a computer-based test on the computer desktop and shutting down the computer (if time allows).
  • The student should proceed to the testing office with paper test and materials in hand. Test should be immediately turned into the testing coordinator.
  • We will make every effort to allow students to reclaim their personal belongings before leaving the building, but the safety of students is our first concern.
  • Students are expected to stay with SDS staff at all times while away from the testing area. Academic integrity rules apply even when testing is interrupted for emergency reasons. No access to electronic devices, textbooks, notes, or other materials is allowed.

These policies are designed to assure that students who need testing accommodations are served in the most appropriate manner, and that accommodations are available to as many qualified students as possible given the limitations in space and staff.  

13. Photo ID Requirements:

 Students will be required to show acceptable photo identification for all testing services. The identification must be original, not a photocopy, or reproduction.

 Acceptable Forms of Identification:

 Current (not expired) official government photo ID (such as driver's license, state ID or passport) or KSU Student ID on which both the student's name and photo appear.





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