A VideoGuide to (Dis)Ability Awareness
President Bill Clinton opens and concludes this informative, 25-minute video on (Dis)Ability Awareness. It is an excellent orientation to the human side of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The video comes with group reference guides, and includes public performance rights.

Designed for group training or personal use, the video is divided into separate segments which include:

  • etiquette and behavior...how to be comfortable and confident in your activities with persons who are disabled
  • how to anticipate and interact effectively with people who have communication-related disabilities like blindness and loss of hearing
  • how to identify and remove unintentional barriers in your organization

    First Place Winner: 1994 International Health and Medical Film Festival.

Video, 25 minutes, close captioned
Produced by The Idea Bank
Distributed by Program Development Assoc., 1993.

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