Taking Action When There Is a Behavior Issue

If the problem behavior can be corrected:

  • Talk with the student IMMEDIATELY and PRIVATELY about the situation.
  • Focus on the behavior of the student, not on him/her as a person.
  • Define the appropriate behavior expected of your employees.
  • Verify with the student that he/she understands your expectations.
  • Follow up with a written documentation of your discussion. Provide a copy
  • for the student and a copy for your records.

If the issue continues to happen:

  • Talk with the student again about their behavior.
  • Indicate that you will be documenting the discussion in writing or via email.
  • Include in the documentation your expectations, the date by which behavior change needs to occur, and what possible outcomes may occur if the suggestions are not followed.
  • Send an original letter to the student and keep a copy for your records.
  • Set a follow-up meeting with the student to review his or her performance.

If the issue is not resolved:

At this point, you may place a student on probation, impose a suspension (time off from work without pay), or terminate their employment with your department. Again, it is critical to tell the student what actions are occurring and why they are occurring. Follow your discussion with a written documentation of the termination. Copies of the letter and evaluation should be sent to the student, your office file, and to the FWS Program Coordinator, who will complete the termination PAF.

Need Extra Assistance?

Feel free to contact Cheryl Betts, FWS Program Coordinator, (470) 578-6521, for additional assistance in working with student employees. As an educational institution, our role is to help students learn appropriate conduct in the workplace and to assist employers in being educational advocates.