Community Service Federal Work Study Program

Community Service Federal Work-Study (FWS) gives students the opportunity to be placed in an off-campus non-profit agency. Placement in a non-profit agency gives the student hands-on experience working in an environment that enhances his or her career. Non-profit agencies benefit by having an employee who is very interested in learning more about working in the non-profit community service field.

To apply for a Federal Work Study Student Assistant (FWS) to work in your organization, you will need to complete a Federal Work Study Community Service Application. Special attention is needed when defining any duties or any special project that will be relevant to a student's career goals. You may apply for more than one student. To request an application, call (470) 578-6521 or email the FWS Program Coordinator. Once the application is received and approved, an agreement contract will be sent to your agency.

The hiring agency will only be responsible for 25% of the total $9.00 per hour pay, and FWS funds will pay the remaining 75% of the student's earnings organizations are billed monthly for payments. Federal Work Study students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week during the Kennesaw State University school semesters. The FWS Community Service Application defines additional responsibilities and required agreements.

Contract: Once the contract is approved, the agreement between Kennesaw State University and the hiring organization will be signed by both the KSU Vice President of Operations and an authorized person at the organization. Additional processes will be completed between KSU and the nonprofit organization.