Hiring a FWS Work-Study Student Assistant

To fill an approved FWS student assistant position

  • Supervisors whose FWS position is approved will be sent a list of eligible students who have applied for the FWS program. The list of eligible students is generated at the beginning of each semester based on student eligibility and available funding.
  • The supervisor should contact students from the list via telephone or email to arrange an interview.
  • When the supervisor selects a student assistant to hire, the supervisor will complete and submit the Request to hire or Request to Rehire form to the FWS Program Coordinator. These forms can be requested from the Federal Work Study Program Coordinator.
  • A student cannot start to work before the FWS Program Coordinator completes all the necessary documents to process and submit an approval to Human Resources. If the student assistant hired is from the FWS list, processing time is 5 days.
  • Based on a student's eligible hours to work, the supervisor will decide how many hours per week the student will work in their department. Students are eligible to work up to 15 hours per week total, no matter the number of departments where the student is employed.
  • Please be aware that once the student's allocated amount is depleted, the student is no longer eligible for FWS employment but may be hired as a student assistant through the departmental budget.

To re-hire a currently employed or recently employed FWS student assistant

  • To request to re-hire a FWS student, complete and submit the Request to Rehire a Federal Work Study Student form.