Finding a Work-Study Student

Faculty and staff are welcome to contact the Program Coordinator for Federal Work Study Programs (470) 578-6521 at any time for assistance in requesting a FWS assistant. After the Program Coordinator knows your employment needs, a list of eligible students will be sent to you via email.

You may also post an advertisement for your open position on the KSU Student Life campus jobs website Please specify in the ad that the student must be Federal Work-Study eligible and be enrolled 6 credit hours.

You, as the supervisor, will contact the students you wish to interview and select the student who is best for your position requirements. The department makes the hiring decision.

When a decision has been made to hire, you will need to complete the appropriate Request to hire or Request to Rehire a Federal Work Study Student Assistant Form. The Request to Hire or Rehire form will need to be sent to the FWS Program Coordinator via interoffice mail. The FWS Program Coordinator determines that the FWS candidate is eligible and the amount to be awarded. Finally the new student employee is approved and (SEPAF)-Student Employment Personnel Action Form is submitted to Human Resources.