KSU African American Male Initiative

Important Dates 2015

March 9th: Application available online
April 3rd: Application Deadline
April 13th-17th: Interviews
April 17th: Applicants selected and notified


The KSU African American Male Initiative exists in partnership with faculty, staff and students to focus on increasing enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of Black men at Kennesaw State University (KSU) through mentoring, leadership development, and the celebration of academic and leadership achievements. It is housed within Multicultural Student Retention Services (MSRS).

The purpose of this program is to identify current leaders and potential leaders (not to exceed 8 individuals per distinction) among the African American male population at KSU who are able to serve as effective peer leaders and key ambassadors at any event that serve the interests of African American males both on and off campus. Leaders selected to participate in this program must demonstrate proficiencies in academic performance, leadership development, and community service. Members of the ambassador program will be invited to participate in conferences, networking events, leadership excursions, assist the KSU AAMI Graduate Research Assistants with implementation of programs, publicize various programs, and provide community service through mentoring and other civic engagement opportunities. Additionally, these members will be required to provide support at events affiliated with MSRS. Each ambassador will have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor to assist with academic, career, and personal development. Finally, Ambassadors will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of the end-of-the-year Ambassador Induction Reception for those Ambassadors who have met the necessary requirements to become full-fledged Ambassadors. 


• Provide leadership experience for students and tangible support for AAMI functions.
• Positively affect the growth, retention, progression, and graduation of Black males through academic support, leadership development and community service.
• Offer special opportunities that allow participants to develop leadership and service potentials through mentorship, workshops, and programming. 
• Build strong mentoring, professional, teamwork, and academic skills.
• Develop a community of service and social support for African American Males.
• Exposure to new learning experiences and civic opportunities.


Selection for participation is contingent up on students’ ability to meet the following criteria:

• Black male student at KSU (priority consideration will be given to men in the KSU AAMI)
• Submission of a completed application, including essay questions
• No KSU disciplinary or conduct violations
• Demonstrated leadership in at least one line-item, registered student organization on campus, or at a previous institution
• Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above
• Completion of a minimum of 30 hours at KSU Kennesaw or Marietta campus


• Upon acceptance to this program, each ambassador will receive:

  • Apparel to be worn at any events of interest to the KSU AAMI,
  • Early academic registration,
  • A stipend at the end of fall and the end of spring semester upon the completion of an engagement at least 24 hours of active engagement (attending events and programs sponsored directed through AAMI)
  • Upon active participation and completion of program, an official letter of reference and recommendation will be provided

• Ambassadors are required to:

  • Participate in bi-weekly mentoring
  • Attend at least 24 hours of sponsored AAMI programming
  • Lead the development and implementation of the end-of-the-year Ambassador Induction Reception
  • Participate in KSU People Mentoring program
  • Participate in sponsored AAMI activities
  • Participate in a personal and professional development plan


Activities pertaining to the KSU AAMI will be provided throughout the entire academic year. Some activities are targeted to Ambassadors, Ambassadors-in-Training or both. These activities include (but are not restricted to) mentoring activities, travel to conference(s), attendance to community service hours at local partnering organization. 


March 2015  

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