KSU African American Male Initiative

The KSU African American Male Initiative exists in partnership with faculty, staff and students to focus on increasing enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of Black men at KSU through mentoring, leadership development, and the celebration of academic and leadership achievements.

The KSU AAMI Ambassador Program is the official student leadership program under this initiative, whose purpose is to elevate the minds and academic standards of African American men on campus, and those who are specifically invested in their interests. Part of this initiative also includes the utilization of current resources to aid in the retention of African American males on campus.

2016-2017 AAMI and IMPACT Sign-Up

Register for the African American Male Initiative I.M.P.A.C.T., a three-day summer intensive program fo incoming freshman.

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AAMI Ambassador Applications May 12th


Applications close May 12th. Please click here and apply today!

Wings and Bowties: September 17, 2015



KSU State of the African American Male: November 16, 2015

African American Male Initiative put on for all "STATE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE"on Thursday November 12 featuring a panelist of six notable African American males from respective communities and a huge student body of close to 100 students in attendance of very diverse backgrounds. The event covered dilemmas in the media, stereotypes, laws, and many other topics that everyday African American males deal with on a consistent basis. This was an open forum that gave students of all backgrounds a chance to voice their opinions on key issues existing in our world today.

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Click here to view the AAMI Admissions Presentation (PDF)

Click here to view the Implementation of The University System of Georgia Board of Regent's African American Male Initiative Report (PDF)

For more information contact us by e-mail at ksuaami@kennesaw.edu, or by phone at 470-578-7723