KSU African American Male Initiative

KSU ID:      
Number of Hours Completed:      
Years of Attendance      
Do You Have Children?:      
Please identify university resources you have utilized in the past academic year:
Cultural Awareness Resource Center   VKSU
Writing Lab   Math Lab
Academic Advising   Student Success Services
Psychological Services   Behavioral Response
Center for Student Leadership   Sturgis Library
Student Recreation & Wellness Center    
Organization Membership:
Distinguished Black Gentlemen   LINK
CEO   Scrabble
AASA   Other:
NPHC Fraternity    
Please indicate your perceptions that best reflect your attitude on the subject matter: (1) strongly agree; (2) agree moderately; (3) Undecided; (4) Disagree moderately; (5) Disagree strongly.
  1 2 3 4 5
1. Leadership is a natural attribute.
2. Kennesaw State’s geographic location factored into my decision to attend.
3. I have meet with an academic advisor.
4. Attending college is linked to the financial aid received.
5. My professional network is well developed.
6. I am responsible for the next generation of African American males.
7. My civic engagement reflects a positive stewardship to my community.
8. The plight faced by African American male limits my opportunities for success.
9. If I am the only person of color in class I feel uncomfortable.
10. I can/do attend college without the assistance of financial aid.
11. As a leader, I am: (select all that applies):
Visionary Commanding Empowering Rational
Coaching Diplomatic Charismatic Steward
Humanistic Delegating Collaborating Monitoring
Observing Guiding Authoritarian Laissez-Faire