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As a Mentor

Q. What is a mentor?
A. KSU mentor is a current student who inspires to provide guidance to fellow students and facilitate solutions.
  • Mentors must be great listeners, non-basis and respectful others which is the essence of a successful mentor.
  • Demonstrate qualities of trustworthiness, maturity and accountability.
  • Open Minded
  • Encourage involvement on Campus
  • Enthusiastic with a positive attitude about KSU and helping others
  • Commitment to encouraging mentees to reach their academic aspirations

Q. What are the requirements to be a mentor?
A. Undergraduate student who has completed two semesters or a Graduate student who has completed one semester at KSU and maintain a 2.7 GPA or greater.

Q. How do I become a mentor?
A. Complete and submit an application. Mentors make a two semester commitment and must complete the Mentor training program.

Q. What are the Benefits of being a Mentor?
A. Personal satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment in serving and helping others. It is also a great resume builder! Mentors who have completed the Mentor training course, and completed two semesters as a Mentor and received a written review by their mentee will be recognized and awarded for their service. Mentors who completed all requirements will receive an official recommendation letter for their resume (portfolio).

As a Mentee:

Q. How do I become a mentee?
A. Complete and submit an application. Mentee are 1st and 2nd semester KSU students.

Q. What are the requirements to be a mentee?
A. Takes responsibility for communicating what he/she needs. Mentee must be honest and respect their mentor’s time.

Mentee and Mentor:

Q. Does anyone get paid for these services?
A. No, Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program is free to participating students. Note: At no time should either mentee or mentor ask the other for anything other than advice.

Q. How often does mentor/mentee meet during the semester?
A. Mentor/Mentee should meet at least twice a month, but feel free to contact each other when assistance is needed.


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