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About Us

VKSU is a campus-based volunteer service center matching volunteers' interests with community needs. Students, faculty, and staff who wish to volunteer are "plugged in" to help meet needs through VKSU's coordination with more than 300 organizations in the community. KSU students are encouraged to learn and serve through individual volunteer placements and group service projects.

Mission Statement

Volunteer Kennesaw's (VKSU) mission considers the needs of the community and the holistic development of KSU students when matching volunteers to service projects and service learning programs. The VKSU office serves as an information and coordination site for volunteer service learning opportunities by accomplishing the following goals:

  • Identifying existing opportunities and recruiting new non-profit agencies willing to participate in volunteer service learning experiences.
  • Informing and encouraging students to avail themselves of the valuable opportunities they may aquire through volunteering.
  • Consulting with faculty to assist in the development of volunteer service in their disciplines.
  • Assisting students in obtaining appropriate assignments with non-profit agencies.
  • Providing training when applicable to support existing programs


Volunteer Kennesaw & Federal Work Study Staff Members

Volunteer Kennesaw & Federal Work Study Student Program Assistants

  • Jerry Vieux - Volunteer Kennesaw (VKSU)
  • D'onna Bell - Federal Work Study Program (FWS)
  • Chelsea Walker - Federal Work Study Program (FWS)