Frequently Asked Questions

What volunteer opportunities do you have available? All of our volunteer opportunities are listed on the website: Just select the appropriate link that fits your need under the header Info for Students.
I don't really care where I volunteer! You can send me anywhere! Can you make any recommendations? Although VKSU is here to assist you with your volunteer needs, we don't make any recommendations. VKSU staff works diligently to locate a variety of different volunteer opportunities so you will have a smorgasbord of options to chose from. You are giving up your time, so we want you to volunteer at a site that you will enjoy!
Can I come to your office and select a volunteer opportunity? No, you must visit the VKSU website and make your selections before we can assist with you with registering for an assignment. In order to help us better serve you, please select 2 or 3 opportunities that interest you.
Do I need to schedule an appointment to set up my time to volunteer? My syllabus says I need to speak directly with Sylvia Inman. You don’t need to schedule an appointment to set up your time to volunteer. Just come into the office with your Student Registration Form and list of volunteer sites, and we will go from there.
Do I need to complete a Student Registration Form every semester or for each class that I volunteer for? No! It’s only necessary to complete the form once during your tenure here at KSU.
Can I register for a volunteer opportunity on-line? No, once you have selected a place(s) and/or event(s) that you would like to volunteer for, you must come into VKSU to get the contact info to set up your time to volunteer.
Wait! What do you mean, “Set up my time to volunteer!” VKSU will provide you with the contact info to your selected volunteer sites, and it’s your responsibility to set up your own time to volunteer. In other words, you coordinate your schedule directly with the agency or event coordinator.
I called or emailed the Volunteer Coordinator at my chosen agency several times, and they’re not returning my messages. What should I do now? If you are experiencing any difficulties reaching any of the Volunteer Coordinators, please contact the VKSU immediately via email or by phone. We do ask that you allow the Volunteer Coordinators at least 2 to 3 days to respond to your messages. Don’t wait several weeks to contact the VKSU office if you are experiencing any difficulties getting in touch with the Volunteer Coordinators.
I need a time sheet (Service Verification Form) to record my hours for a class. Can I get that online? No, you must physically come into the VKSU to pick up this information. VKSU will not email or fax the form. VKSU will not allow other students to pick up a Service Verification Form for you.
Is there a deadline to submit my completed Service Verification Forms to your office? If volunteering for a class or international waiver, “Yes!” Please check with your advisor or professor to get those dates. If volunteering for personal satisfaction, please turn in your Service Verification Forms once you have completed your service hours or run out of space to document your hours.
Can I receive volunteer credit for attending an orientation, training session, or agency tour? Yes, you can. Please document that time under the date and hours section of the Service Verification Form.
The agency I am volunteering for requires a background check. Can VKSU assist me? No, VKSU doesn’t have the resources to assist you with this request. We can provide you with information on how to go about getting a background check completed through the county where you reside.
I work part-time as a lifeguard at the YMCA. The YMCA is an approved VKSU agency. Can't I just volunteer during my off-time or go to another area of the YMCA to get credit for my hours? No. This is considered a conflict of interest, and VKSU will not approve any hours that are served at your place of employment.
Can I join VKSU? VKSU is not a club. If you are interested in service clubs, please visit the KSU Student Life website:
My class doesn’t require volunteer hours. Can I still volunteer? Yes! Students volunteer for different reasons. VKSU has the capability to track your service hours for you. In turn, if you ever need a letter for grad school, a scholarship, or a resume, VKSU can provide you with a letter to verify your service hours.
Oh, I went to your website and the agency that I currently volunteer for is not listed! Can I still volunteer there? Yes, as long as the agency is a non-profit or government agency. New agencies will need to complete an Agency Application Form and provide a copy of their 501(c)3 letter from the IRS. This letter classifies them as a non-profit organization. VKSU doesn’t give class credit for volunteering at a business!
Can I volunteer for or with my church? All church-related volunteer opportunities must be approved by the Director of VKSU, Sylvia Inman, prior to your volunteer assignment.
Can I get an international tuition waiver through VKSU? No, VKSU doesn’t qualify international students for waivers. You must speak to a representative in Global Admissions to see if you qualify for a waiver. Their website is If you have any questions regarding your waiver, please speak with a representative in the Global Admission office.
I’m in EDUC 2120 class. Can I volunteer somewhere not listed on the EDUC 2120 link? No, you must volunteer at one of the approved sites. This list is approved by the Education Department. Volunteering at an agency and/or school not on the list will result in you getting an incomplete or failing the course!
Oops! I got a traffic ticket or need court-ordered community service. Can VKSU help? As long as you are a current student at KSU, VKSU can assist you with fulfilling your community service requirement. See a VKSU representative for more information!
Why should I really volunteer? I mean who really cares? Volunteering is a great way to network, gain new work experience, learn more about your community, and help those in need. We all know that college students don’t have a lot of money, so volunteering your time is a great way to give back!
I heard you guys had a book voucher program? What is that all about? The Happy Scrappy Community Bookstore Voucher is available to current students who follow the guidelines and procedures that are set forth by the VKSU office. Students who volunteer twenty-five (25) hours for personal satisfaction in the time frame VKSU establishes in the Spring and Fall semester will be entered into a drawing to receive one of nine $50.00 bookstore vouchers that can be used for books, technology related items, and resources. Clothing and food items are excluded! For more info about the Happy Scrappy Community Bookstore Voucher visit the VKSU website.
I'm in a EDUC 2120 class, and I have some questions regarding my background check and/or liability insurance. My Professor told me that your office can help me..can you help me? The background check and insurance liability is an EDUC requirement, so VKSU cannot assist you. For more information on getting some assistance, please visit: Please note, due to individual agencies policies and procedures, you might be asked to complete another background check by the agency of your choice. This will be determined by the individual agencies!
I'm a waiver student, with no car, and I need to volunteer on-campus. There is an event being held on-campus that is going to last three days. Can I volunteer all those three days and get my 20 hours of service? No, per the waiver requirement, you can only volunteer a maximum of 10 hours of service per department or event per semester.
I volunteered over the weekend with my friends at the Dogwood Festival and didn't get this assignment approved with VKSU, but the Volunteer Coordinator told me that VKSU could call to get the number of hours that I volunteered. Is this okay? All VKSU hours must be documented on a VKSU Service Verification Form. Letters, emails, faxes, and/or phone calls from the individual agencies will not be accepted. VKSU will not reward volunteer credit to any volunteer that fails to follow these policies and procedures!
I have volunteered with VKSU before in the past, and I need more hours for another class and/or waiver. I went to the Cherokee Humane Society before and I know that they are an approved agency, so I volunteered there with out getting the Service Verification Form from KSU. Can you accept this letter from Cherokee Humane Society? Agencies and/or events cannot be approved after you have you begun volunteering and/or completed your volunteer assignment. VKSU reserves the right to remove and/or add an agency and/or event at anytime. Additionally, all VKSU hours must be documented on a VKSU Service Verification Form. Letters, emails, faxes, and/or phone calls from the individual agencies will not be accepted. VKSU will not reward volunteer credit to any volunteer that fails to follow these policies and procedures!