Information for International KSU Students
Who are Volunteering for the Waiver

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for our students.
Please Note Policies that are Effective Summer 2012:

  • Volunteers must register with VKSU prior to volunteering for any volunteer assignment.
  • Volunteers can only volunteer at agencies and/or events that have been approved by VKSU prior to their start date. Agencies and/or events cannot be approved after you have you begun volunteering and/or completed your volunteer assignment. VKSU reserves the right to remove and/or add an agency and/or event at any time.
  • All VKSU hours must be documented on a VKSU Service Verification Form that you obtain from the VKSU office prior to your volunteer activity.
  • Letters, emails, faxes, and/or phone calls from the individual agencies will not be accepted.
  • VKSU will not award volunteer credit to any volunteer who fails to follow these policies and procedures!

Here is a link to a summary of the waiver policy.

Here is a link to the office of Global Admissions.

Please follow these procedures:

  • How to get into our database

    • Print and complete the Volunteer Application Form (pdf and Word versions here). Application forms are also available in the VKSU office, Student Center Room 267.

    • You only have to complete this form one time, no matter how often you volunteer.

  • Select where you want to volunteer from our volunteer options

    • Please review the information below and select two or three agencies or events where you might like to volunteer from the area(s) that is appropriate for your class requirement (if necessary). Please keep in mind that your volunteer assignment cannot solely be administrative work (can do some, but not the full 20 hours).

    • Bring your completed application form and your list of selected agencies/programs to VKSU, Student Center Room 267, during our regular business hours.

    • VKSU staff will provide you with contact information for the volunteer agencies/programs you have selected. You will also be given a Service Verification Form for you to document your volunteer hours. It is your responsibility to then contact the agencies to see which agency's needs best fir your schedule.

    • Note: The Service Verification Form cannot be faxed to you or sent to you via email. You must come to the VKSU office to receive it.

  • After you have volunteered

    • Both you and the volunteer agency complete the Service Verification Form, and then you return the form to the VKSU office.

    • VKSU will send the completed Service Verification Form to the Global Admission Office.

  • Conversation Partners

      • Two weeks before the end of the semester, VKSU must contact your Conversation Partner to verify that you have met the required five (5) times face-to-face during the semester. For verification purposes, all participants must come into the VKSU and complete a Conversation Partner Program Information Sheet regarding your partner's information.
      • After you complete the Conversation Partner Info Sheet, then your partner can complete the Conversation Partner Program Survey. You must complete an Info Sheet before your partner takes this survey. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in you not receiving full credit for your participation in the program!
      • Partners can locate the Conversation Partner Program Survey here!

      • After receiving confirmation, VKSU will contact you so that you can pick up a Service Verification Form that Mr. David Schmidt will need to sign so that you will receive your eight (8) hours of credit.

      • You must then return that form to the VKSU office, and we will then send it to the Global Admissions Office.

      • Link to more information about Conversation Partners.

    • Here are the VKSU Cancellation Policy and Procedures
    • Here is the VKSU FAQ.