Cancellation Policy and Procedures

  • If you contact an agency to set up your time to volunteer and you need to cancel, for whatever reason, please contact that organization as soon as possible to let the Volunteer Coordinator know that you will not be able to volunteer at that scheduled time.

  • Depending on the agency, if you are scheduled to volunteer and fail to show up, that organization will not allow you to volunteer with them in the future! These agencies will then notify the VKSU office of your failure to show, and VKSU will address this matter as deemed necessary. Many of the organization listed in our database are volunteer-run agencies and depend on the volunteers to be present. Without full support from the volunteers, they will not be able to function to their fullest potential. Additionally, your failure to show up could have a negative impact on the partnership between that agency and VKSU. Here at VKSU we strive to offer a variety of volunteer options and, without the full support of the agencies, we can’t continue to do this in the future.

  • It is important to always treat your volunteer assignment as a paid position. Be punctual, friendly to the staff, and provide excellent customer service. You never know when you might need a job reference!

  • Please contact the VKSU office if you have any questions or comments regarding these policies and procedures.

Please Note Additional Policies that are Effective Summer 2012:

  • Volunteers must register with VKSU prior to volunteering for any volunteer assignment.
  • Volunteers can only volunteer at agencies and/or events that have been approved by VKSU prior to their start date. Agencies and/or events cannot be approved after you have you begun volunteering and/or completed your volunteer assignment. VKSU reserves the right to remove and/or add an agency and/or event at any time.
  • All VKSU hours must be documented on a VKSU Service Verification Form that you obtain from the VKSU office prior to your volunteer activity.
  • Letters, emails, faxes, and/or phone calls from the individual agencies will not be accepted.
  • VKSU will not award volunteer credit to any volunteer who fails to follow these policies and procedures!