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KSU Cubicle Request

A Certified Student Organization (CSO) must have been registered for two years before requesting a cubicle, in order to demonstrate viability and stability.

Cubicle Requests are due Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Please complete all fields. When finished, click on the 'submit' button.

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Are you willing to share a cubicle with another group? If so, please indicate which group*:

* If you wish to share a cubicle, the other organization must meet the following criteria:  
• Must be a Certified Student Organization (CSO)
• Been active and registered for at least one calendar year
• Not have office space at any other location on campus
• In good standing with the University and with the Department of Student Life
• Must have held events on campus during the prior year. Meetings do not count as “events.”

Kennesaw State University supports the presence and contributions of student organizations, which exist to enrich campus life at KSU. The cubicles are the property of the University and are overseen by the Department of Student Life.
Cubicle space is granted for one year, and must be renewed each year. Prior occupancy does not guarantee renewal of the space.
An organization requesting cubicle space must meet the following criteria:
• It must be a Certified Student Organization (CSO).
• It must have been active and registered for at least one calendar year.
• It must not have office space at any other location on campus.
• It must be in good standing with the University and with the Department of Student Life.
• It must have held events on campus during the prior year. Meetings do not count as “events.”
Space allocation is not an exact process. The Department of Student Life will select organizations that fulfill all of the above criteria, and will seek to select organizations that adhere to all deadlines, policies, and behavioral expectations set forth by the Department of Student Life. In addition, it will seek organizations that offer a variety of opportunities (e.g. large and small, different goals and purposes, different types of organizations) in an effort to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students in the Carmichael Student Center.
Cubicle Regulations
• Information about your organization (how to join, whom to contact) must be posted outside your cube.
• Each organization is expected to have someone in the cubicle for at least ten hours a week.
• Cubicle space may not be shared with another organization that does not fit the criteria above.
• Cubicles are equipped with a desk, bulletin board, two chairs, a white board, a trash can, and a recycling can. The organization is responsible for ensuring that these items stay inside the cubicle.  Anything missing at the end of the cubicle year will be charged to the organization.
• Nothing may be displayed from the ceiling in any cubicle.
• Nothing may be put on the windows to the outside of the building.
• Use push pins, thumbtacks, or scotch tape to secure items. Do not use any glue or glue-like material. Do not place adhesive stickers to the cubicle walls or any walls around the area.  If you do so, you will be charged the clean-up fee.
• No microwaves, refrigerators, space heaters, toasters, toaster ovens, coffee pots, or any such items are permitted in the cubicle.
• Your organization is responsible for emptying your small trash basket into the larger waste bins in the cubicle lobby area. 
• Do not leave uneaten food in the cubicles.
Personal Items
Student organizations are responsible for any and all other items (including, but not limited to personal items) brought into the cubicle space area. Personal items should be marked accordingly. The cubicle/office area is not immune to theft or vandalism. The Department of Student Life is not responsible for any items stolen or lost from the cubicle/office space area. In the event of theft or loss, please notify the Department of Student Life, and file a report with campus police. Any purses, wallets, computers, televisions, videos, textbooks, and other valuables are at risk if they are left unattended in the cubicle.
Cubicle Furnishings
DO NOT bring in sofas, chairs, tables, or similar furniture to your cubicle area. You may bring in no more than two folding chairs or smaller seats, but you must leave the existing cubicle furniture in the cube, as we have no place to store it. Beds are NOT allowed in the cubicles.
Behavior Guidelines
The cubicles are shared space among a number of KSU student organizations; therefore, it is important that consideration be shown to other groups.  In order to maintain a reasonable volume level in the Student Organization Cubicle Area, loud music may not be played (please utilize headphones).  Large organizational meetings will not be permitted in individual cubicles.  Organizations should not play any sports, run, jump, or cause destruction, etc. while in the cubicle area. Student organizations found responsible for causing damage in the cubicle area will be held financially responsible.
Cubicle Move-out
• All cubicle occupants must be totally moved out of the cubicles by 5pm on July 25, 2013.
• Failure to remove all personal belongings from the cubes will result in an assessment of $50 per day. The amount will be deducted from your FY14 $400 fund.
• By July 31, any group that has not moved out of its cubicle and removed all personal belongings may be deemed ineligible for FY14 funds from Student Life and SABAC. All personal items will be discarded.

Please initial here to indicate that you have read and understand all information regarding the cubicles. In addition, should you leave office prior to the cubicle move-out date, your organization is responsible for all this information.  It is your responsibility to share it with your fellow members. Your initials:

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Thank you for your involvement with KSU's Student Life.