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Student Life Forms & Information

Most Student Life forms are used by student organizations, though some are general use. Click on the heading to see a complete list of forms. If you have questions about specific forms and their use, contact or call 470-578-6280. Over the course of the year, many of these forms have or will be moved over to OwlLife. To report a bad link or outdated form, click here.

General Use Forms

Division of Student Success: Commonly visited policies and procedures
Freedom of Assembly Request (for use by non KSU students, faculty or staff)
Lost & Found Services and Online Form
Student Media Forms (Housed within KSU Student Media)
Student Rights & Responsibilities

(Housed within the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Department)

Student Organization Forms

SABAC funding request forms can now be accessed through Owllife. All requests should be submitted through Owllife, and you will be contacted for confirmation as to when you're on the SABAC agenda. Below are the two request forms you'll use, one for Event funding and one for Travel funding. If you have any concerns or questions, contact




Campus Event Request Form (Housed in OwlLife; you will need to login with your NetID)
Movie Licensing Guidelines
Reservation Change/Cancellation Form (Housed in OwlLife; you will need to login with your NetID)
Set-up Diagrams


Artistic Performance Agreement & Routing Form
Business Services Vendor Registration Form (A Business Services form)
Lecture Performance Agreement & Routing Form 
Movie Licensing Guidelines
Request for Funds Form 2014 (Word document)
SABAC Schedule 2014-2015 (To be determined)
SABAC Forms (Travel, program, and equipment requests, at the Student Success site)
Travel Expense Statement  (An Excel file)
Trip Registration Form


>> The majority of forms have been moved to OwlLife. Visit the Student Life OwlLife page and click on the forms or document links in the left menu.
Student Organization Manual 2014-2015 Word Format |PDF Format (in OwlLife documents) | Magazine Format
Visitor/Event Parking Request Form

Outdoor Grill Safety Info


Banner Printing Instructions 
Campus Posting Policy (also included in SO Manual)
Publicity Planning Packets 
Sentinel Free Ad Form (Housed in OwlLife; you will need to login with your NetID)
Using KSU Student Media to promote your events


Ambassador Application
Student Media Staff Applications


We’re Serious About Fun, Student Life Orientation video, 2011
Golden O's Annual Activity Awards Promo 2012
Golden O's Annual Activity Awards Promo 2011
SABAC Certification (Powerpoint)
Funding Procedures for CSOs (Powerpoint)
Funding Procedures for CSOs (YouTube)
Office Transition (Powerpoint)
OWL Radio: Call Me Maybe, Orientation video, 2012
OWL Radio Music Video, 2013
OWL Radio TV
The Sentinel Newspaper Introduction 2012
"Stuff Sentinel Says," 2012 Student Media Awards film
“The alien abduction is upon us,” 2014 Student Media Awards film

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