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Kennesaw State University's Department of Student Life is working hard to deliver a total quality experience that exceeds your expectations. Your feedback is important to us. Student Life brings you services, resources, activities and events from the nonacademic side of college life, and we want this portion of your life to be memorable.

We guarantee your feedback will not be ignored. We will make improvements based on suggestions from exit interviews and desire open and honest ideas, suggestions and critiques.

Statements made on an this exit interview will never be used for any other purpose than improving our services. You may complete as many of the fields as you wish and may remain as anonymous as will make you comfortable. Thank you for your time.


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Organization(s) you were involved with (click here for a listing of all KSU groups):
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Were you enrolled in any leadership organizations while at KSU? Community service?
If not graduation, what was your primary reason for leaving the group(s)?
What was most satisfying about your involvement in student activities?
What was least satisfying about your involvement in student activities?
Did you receive enough training to do your part in your group effectively?
Did you receive adequate support to do your part in your group?
What was the quality of the advising or supervision you received?

Did your involvement in student activities prepare you for your career or help you get a job? How?

Do you have any tips or advice for other students?
What would you improve to make our groups or services better?
Final comments, advice, questions, or additional information:
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We appreciate your assistance in making our activities and programs the best they can be.