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OwlLife FAQs

What is OwlLife?

OwlLife ( is our personalized Collegiate Link, a database that chronicles student organization profiles, membership rosters, budgets, and events, as well as other engagement opportunities from around campus. OwlLife will make it easy for clubs to recruit members and for students to join a group. All student clubs and organizations must be registered with updated information on OwlLife in order to be recognized. The majority of student organization communication will be through OwlLife, so ensure that you are checking the events, announcements, and opportunities posted often.

Who needs to use OwlLife?

All student clubs and organizations will need to use OwlLife in order to be registered with the university as a student group. There are great benefits for individual students to use it as well.

Why do I need to use OwlLife?

OwlLife is an incredible resource. If interested in joining a club or organization, individual students can browse OwlLife to gain more information and insight about the organizations they are interested in.  Students can request to join a club through the databas easily.
 Organizations can market events and opportunities on OwlLife so students browsing can learn about ways to get involved around campus. Clubs and organizations can also track their budgets through OwlLife, request funds, post photos, recruit members, message peers, and advertise events.
 The majority of communication between RSO leaders and the Department of Student Life will be conducted through OwlLife. Think of the paper we’ll be saving. The most up to date information must be present in the database in order for constituents to reach the organization leaders on campus. Being registered on OwlLife is the only way organizations will be eligible to reserve tables, book space, and other operational tasks.

How do I get connected to OwlLife?

Go to and click on login.
Login to the system through your KSU NetID account. Note: The complete set of OwlLife features is only available to Kennesaw State University students, staff and faculty.
Fill out a personal profile; here you add things like your name, contact information and profile picture.
You will now select a set of interests. Interests help link you to clubs, organizations and opportunities that will come up throughout the year. Make sure to go through each folder to make sure you don’t miss anything and also use the navigation tools to rank your interests according to what you’d most like to hear about.

How do I find clubs and organizations?

The easiest way is to manage your interests. Interests are tags that are used by both organizations and individuals. When a student and an organization tag the same interest the student will be recommended that organization in the sidebar of their homepage. Interests can be changed and ranked at any time in order to match your changing tastes and moods and is by far the easiest way to get news and suggestions about events or organizations on campus that you might like to be a part of. One aspect of OwlLife that sets it apart from other applications is the concept of ‘interests.’ Individual users and organizations can each tag “interests” which serves as a matching service. In addition, the user can rank their interests from most important to least to filter what opportunities should take priority when appearing on the student’s home/profile page.
You can also go to the “Organizations” tab at the top of the page and you will find a few different ways to find organizations. You can perform a keyword search, search alphabetically by name or go to the categories tab and search by the type of organization. If you’re having trouble finding something you are interested in, sometimes using these tools can be a helpful way to find the right spot for you.
You can check on the bulletin board on your home page. The bulletin board has an up to date stream of events happening on campus and is updated in real time. By checking out the different events on campus and looking at the host organization you might find interest in an organization you never considered before.

How do I join an organization?

Click on the "Organizations" tab at the top of the page and select the group(s) you wish to join. On their home page will be a "Join Organization" at the right side of the page. Click this button. The request will then be sent to the organization for approval. If they approve your request for membership or deny it, you will receive a message in your OwlLife inbox with the decision. Note: Some clubs and groups are limited in their membership and you will not be able to join. Others may have additional requirements or processes (for example, Student Media groups have an additional application for complete membership).

Group Officers: How do I update my group's information?

Directions on setting up your group's profile is included in the Training Aids & How To's link below. If you have specific questions, email

Group Officers: How does the events and flyer board feature work?

For the time being, the events and flyer board function is limited to promotion, attendance tracking and learning outcomes (where applicable). Submitting an event and having it added to the system does not mean that the event has been approved. Student organizations must still complete the normal event approval process (i.e. you still need to complete theCampus Event Request Format

What if I have questions about OwlLife?

You can email us at anytime at In fact, we want your feedback. Let us know your thoughts and what we can do better with OwlLife.

OwlLife Training Aids & How To's!

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Submitting Purchase Requests (Youtube tutorial).
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