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Student life is a dynamic component of an active university experience. KSU’s Department of Student Life offers student organizations, clubs and recreational activities to help students engage in campus life, and to become active members of the KSU and local communities.

Whether it’s fraternity and sorority life, student media, student government, programing boards, or one of over 200 other groups, KSU has something to offer. Student organizations (and their activities give students the chance to participate, learn, lead and grow as they become more well-rounded and accomplished — all part of your KSU experience.

Looking for KSU’s 200+ student groups?

Kennesaw State has subscribed to Collegiate Link, a database that chronicles student organization profiles, membership rosters, budgets, and events, as well as other engagement opportunities from around campus. CL is made specifically for student clubs, as well as students looking to be involved, and should prove an invaluable resource.

We call it OwlLife ( All our organizations, as well as ways to meet and join them, are now on OwlLife. Some features, such as viewing, are open to all. Other features require one to login with their KSU NetID and password.

With OwlLife:

• anyone may find a complete, up-to-date listing of all our active groups
• visitors can find information about our student organizations
• visitors can get in touch with our group’s officers
• student groups may create and host news, events, fliers and blogs for free
• Organization officers may register their groups to stay active and receive benefits
• Organizations can easily create forms and host elections
• KSU groups may find the relevant forms needed to complete business.

We hope you will enjoy OwlLife. If you need help or have questions, call 770-423-6280 or email us at Thank you.

Listing of KSU Student Organizations*

*Student group pages linked to KSU, Student Life, or on OwlLife are maintained by and the property of the specific student organization. Opinions and ideas, as well as graphics and design decisions expressed in student pages, are not those of the Department of Student Life, Kennesaw State University, or the Board of Regents. For information concerning any organization, contact the Department of Student Life at 770-423-6280.