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The KSU Student Handbook & Planner is a KSU Student Media (KSUSM) project and is published each academic year by the Division of Student Success. 

owl post 14-15

The book (called "Owl Post") is going through a transistion and no longer includes general information about services offered by campus departments, students’ rights & responsibilities, and other policies and regulations. This information may be found elsewhere on the KSU website. The 2014-15 Planner contains these links, along with other useful information and a weekly & monthly planner. 
10,000 hard copies are printed and available to students free of charge, while supplies last. If you are interested in advertising in this publication or other KSUSM outlets, click here

• Owl Post, KSU Student Planner 2014-15 (PDF, 9.7 MB)

Owl Post, KSU Student Handbook & Planner 2013-2014 (includes policies & regulations. PDF, 13.4 MB))