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KSU Student Handbook & Planner

The KSU Student Handbook & Planner is a KSU Student Media (KSUSM) project and is published each academic year by the Division of Student Success. The KSU Student Handbook & Planner is composed of four major parts: a monthly and weekly planner, general information about services offered by campus departments, students’ rights & responsibilities, and advertisements from those who helped financially support the production of this publication. Offices and resources are listed alphabetically but grouped by primary departments. 
10,000 hard copies are printed and available to students free of charge, while supplies last. The 2013-2014 issue of the KSU Student Handbook & Planner was paid with KSUSM advertising revenue. If you are interested in advertising in this publication or other KSUSM outlets, click here

• KSU Student Handbook 2013-14 (This PDF version contains only office & resource information, student rights & responsibilities and index). 825K
• Online magazine format