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Division of Student Success
1000 Chastain Road, #0106
Kennesaw Hall, Bldg. 1, 4th Floor
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

Phone: 770-423-6310
Fax: 770-420-4404
To request appointments or obtain information from the Vice President's Office, please contact:

Brenda Arthur, Assistant to the Vice President

The Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC)

The Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Vice President of Student Success on allocation of student activity funds, on approval of applications to form new organizations, and on changes to the constitutions or bylaws of existing student organizations. Authority is delegated by the President of Kennesaw State University to the Vice President of Student Success, who acts on the advice of SABAC. SABAC receives budget requests from eligible organizations and holds hearings to consider whether these organizations will be given the amount requested. Hearings are held on Wednesday afternoon during Fall and Spring semesters and are open to the public. You are welcome to attend.

SABAC's membership includes representatives of the administration, staff, faculty and students. To fully represent the total community it is to serve, SABAC is composed of twelve (12) voting members and four (4) non-voting members. Student votes totals eight (8) members, thus exceeding the Board of Regents' policy requirement that such a committee have a membership of at least fifty (50%) students. SABAC is chaired by a student member elected by the committee.

Student members are appointed by the Student Government president. Students may submit an application for consideration. Applications are available here.

Authority for yearly allocations has been delegated by the President of the University to the Vice President for Student Success, who acts on the advice of the Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee. The committee meets each winter to plan the next fiscal year's budget.

During the year, SABAC considers deviations from the budget that occur as a result of changes in the University's financial situation or as a result of changes in situations affecting organizations or programs funded by student fees.

SABAC solicits budget requests from funded organizations and holds hearings to consider whether each organization should be given the amount requested. Hearings, held Wednesday afternoons during Winter semester, are open to the public. You are welcome to attend.

SABAC is a standing committee of Kennesaw State University. The composition of the committee is 50% students and 50% faculty/staff. Students are elected and appointed. Elections are held during the spring semester.

Meetings are held on Wednesdays, 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Please review the current meeting schedule below for meeting dates and locations. Items for inclusion on the SABAC agenda must be submitted on SABAC forms (SABAC Forms are below) to Ms. Ann Marie Thomas (Kennesaw Hall, 4th floor, #4412) by noon on Wednesday one week prior to the SABAC meeting.

FY 2013 - 2014 SCHEDULE
Meetings are 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm.

Requests for new clubs, funding & changes in bylaws.*

SABAC will review Line-Item budgets and allocate funds for the upcoming fiscal year.


Request forms for agenda items are below:

These forms are in Word format. Return completed forms to Ann Marie Thomas, Kennesaw Hall 4412. Call 770-423-6310 for more information


SABAC Agendas
SABAC Minutes
SABAC PM: Current Manual SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 11-20-13
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda 1-22-14
SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 1-22-14
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda 2-5-14 SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 2-5-14
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda 2-19-14 SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 2-19-14
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda 3-12-14 SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 3-12-14
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda 3-26-14 SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 3-26-14
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda 4-16-14 SABAC Minutes: Meeting Minutes 4-16-14
SABAC Agenda: Meeting Agenda
Please see the current SABAC schedule for times and locations.

Student Representative Positions

  • International Student Representative
  • Traditional Age Representative
  • Non-Traditional Age Representative
  • American Minority Representative
  • Students with Disabilities Representative
  • Graduate Representative
  • SGA President

*For information concerning existing organizations, contact the Student Life Department at 770-423-6280, or email us. If you wish to start a new organization or club, click here.

Interested in becoming a member of SABAC? Wish to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting?

Contact Ann Marie Thomas, SABAC Secretary for more information or general questions about SABAC.

SABAC is advised by the Office of the Vice President for Student Success. Call 770-423-6310 for more information.


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