How to Make a Report

The preferred method for non-emergency reporting is the Red Flag reporting site. This is a secure method of reporting. It has the added benefit of prompting you to provide information that is helpful for the BRT when following up on your concerns. After submitting a Red Flag report, a member of the BRT will follow up with you to address any additional questions or concerns.

Reports can also be submitted by calling Student Success Services at 770-423-6600 and requesting to “make a BRT report.” A member of the Behavioral Response Team will speak with you or return your message as soon as possible. If leaving a message, you will be asked to share relevant information such as your name, your contact information, your relationship to the individual(s) of concern, and a general description of your concerns.

For extreme distress and/or concerns for safety, KSU Public Safety should be contacted immediately at 770-423-6666.

Red Flag Reporting

What to Expect After Making a Report

Once you submit a report, a member of the Behavioral Response Team will follow up with you about your concerns. Interventions vary depending on context of the situation and the nature of the concern. Common interventions include reaching out to the individual, fostering connections with supportive resources, making recommendations to appropriate university personnel, and continued monitoring. Any action that is taken by the Behavioral Response Team is done so collaboratively and with the underlying intention of creating a culture of safety and support on campus