C.A.R.E. Center

Homelessness can affect students in many ways. Along with not having a place to live, they struggle to find food and to meet their basic needs. KSU’s "Campus Awareness, Resource & Empowerment Center" (C.A.R.E.) is designed to offer support for students dealing with homelessness or who are at-risk of being homeless. The C.A.R.E. Center is comprised of several different services to support the success of each student. It also serves as a single point of contact for campus-wide services that can address the majority of their concerns.

The goals of the C.A.R.E. Center are:

  • Serving as the single point of access for addressing many physiological and safety needs of homeless and at-risk of homelessness students
  • Empowering students to meet their daily living needs, including homelessness
  • Engaging the KSU campus and surrounding communities in a stigma reduction campaign regarding homelessness of higher education students
  • Offering both on and off campus resources and service options to students

Our collection site is here at Kennesaw Hall, Rm. 2014; for items that you may wish to donate. For large donations, please call first at 770-423-6600. For a list of most needed items click: CARE Items. We also accept monetary donations. Please click on the C.A.R.E. icon to donate.

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Coordinator: Marcy Stidum
Email: mstidum@kennesaw.edu
Phone: (770) 423-6600Embark

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