C.A.R.E. Center

KSU’s Campus Awareness, Resource & Empowerment (CARE) Center is a new service of CPS. It is designed to offer support for students dealing with homelessness or are at-risk of being homeless.

Homelessness can affect students in many ways. Along with not having a place to live, they struggle to find food and clothing as well. Managing all of this while going to school can cause stress, impacting their ability to achieve their educational goals. The CARE Center is comprised of several different entities to support the success of each student and can serve as a single point of access to services that can address the majority of their concerns

The goals of the CARE Center are:

  • Serving as the single point of access for addressing many physiological and safety needs of homeless and at-risk of homelessness students
  • Empowering students to meet their daily living needs, including homelessness
  • Engaging the KSU campus and surrounding communities in a stigma reduction campaign regarding homelessness of higher education students
  • Offering both on and off campus resources and service options to students

The CARE Center Coordinator is also a member of the annual KSU Homelessness Awareness Week (HAW) planning committee. Click here to check out more about HAW and how to get involved.

Coordinator: Marcy Stidum
Email: mstidum@kennesaw.edu
Phone: (770) 423-6600Embark

Organizational Chart